Saturday, September 01, 2012

Disney 2012–Day 9, Part II–Epcot

When our boat docked at Epcot I quickly checked the Lines app offered by to see what the line/fastpass situation was for Soarin’.  Touringplans s is a website that I subscribe to (only about $11/year) which offers Crowd Calendars, Touring Plans and Lines apps.  Now that Magic Kingdom and Epcot have free wifi in the park I was happy to have their Lines app on my iPod.  A quick click and I could find out the current wait time for any ride or show in these 2 parks and also what the return times were for FastPasses.  A good investment for sure, especially since Disney is in the process of installing free wifi in all of their parks.  IMG_7791
Seeing that that FastPass return time was a very manageable window of under 2 hours Hannah and I headed there first.  After picking those up we went over to the Character Spot where she met 5 of her favourite friends.  The characters are an important part of Disney for Hannah right now so even though we were going to see these same friends at supper we visited them here too.
and her favourite character this trip, Goofy!IMG_7763
From there we quickly headed to the front of the park to visit with DaisyIMG_7765
and Stitch.IMG_7773
By now our Fastpasses were ready so we enjoyed Soarin’ one final time this trip and then ate lunch at a restaurant there.  This time it was Chinese food which was a nice change.  Even with the quick service meals I only had 1 hamburger the entire week as there are so many great choices of different foods to eat.
After lunch we rode another little ride that Hannah enjoys called Journey into the Imagination with Figment.  It’s a cute ride and tickles the funny bone of a 3yo.  From there we headed back into the World Showcase and visited a couple of countries including China.  There is a beautiful 360o movie there called Reflections of China and I found myself with tears in my eyes more than once as I viewed Hannah’s amazing birth country once again.  I’m looking forward to taking her back for a homeland tour when she’s around 10 yo.  IMG_7779
Mulan was also in China so Hannah enjoyed visiting with her.IMG_7782
While visiting the countries Hannah also enjoys colouring Duffy the Bear.  It’s fun to see how her colouring has changed and improved over the year.IMG_1677IMG_7786
A quick visit with Duffy the bear himself IMG_7790and then we were off on the monorail IMG_7797to supper at Chef Mickey’s.IMG_7798
I’m going to save our final dinner for a post on it’s own.


  1. I love that lost photo of Hannah at Chef Mickeys. Sounds like a great day, you've packed loads in.

    Did you find the new Disney Apps? there is one called My Disney Experience and one called Mobile Magic. I'm not exactly sure what the difference is, but they both offer the line information, and also the ability to make and change ADRs while you are in the park which I thought was extremely useful, as you can't always predict when you will be hungry 6 months in advance :)

  2. Just wanted to say that I've been following along on your Disney trip and have loved every minute of it. Thanks for sharing.

    Julie and Kira (4yo, adopted from the Philippines)

  3. Following along on your adventures has really pumped me up for our Thanksgiving trip to Disney!

  4. Not surprised at all that you have an app for Disney ride lines. What an amazing trip but I'm exhausted just reading about it. Looks like lots of fun though.


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