Thursday, March 31, 2011

There is so much to ‘No!’ when you are 2!!!

If I had a penny for every time I hear the word ‘No!’ each day I would be rich!  What is it that is so exciting about it?  I’m not sure but Hannah sure likes it!

The funny this is that knowing this stage would arrive I tried desperately not to use this word with her!  I’d say something like, ‘Let’s do this instead’ rather than ‘No.’  Or, ‘How about we do this?’ Yah, you can tell this got me nowhere!

I’ve quickly learned some ways to lessen the daily ‘no’s’ by offering options and this has been helpful.  Rather than asking if she wants yogurt for breakfast, which is sure to be met with a resounding ‘No!’ even when she does want it, I ask, ‘Do you want this one or this one’ to which she’ll say, ‘Dis one!’ as she points to her choice with a big grin.  Success for both of us!

Sometimes her ‘no’s’ mean we have to have a little heart to heart chat.  When it’s time to get in the car to go someplace and she runs away with a defiant ‘No!!’ I get down at her level, get eye contact (which isn’t always easy) and explain that saying ‘no’ isn’t an option right now and that we have to go.  I usually hear anywhere from 3-5 more no’s during my ‘talk’ but hopefully she’s still learning.

Lately when I’ve had about all I can take in a day I’ll begin to respond to her ‘no’s’ accordingly.  She’s none too impressed when I ask if she wants chocolate or vanilla ice cream for dessert only to hear ‘No!’  so I scoop myself a small bowl and leave her without any.   Before I can even sit down next to her a precious little. ‘Sowwy Mommy’ can be heard and yes, I cave.  But, hopefully something has been learned in the process.

Another one of her newest no’s makes me giggle if I’m not careful!  ‘No way Mommy!  No way’ can often be heard coming from Hannah.

One thing that does surprise me is that with all the ways she’s learning and trying to express herself, getting dressed in the morning is still a non issue.  Phew!!  For this I am thankful.  She lets me choose her clothes and wears what I choose.  At bedtime I let her choose what pj’s she wants to wear but in the morning it’s still Mommy’s call.  This makes life much easier so I’m hoping it stays this way at least for a while!!  (Watch her change it up now that I’ve put it in print!)

The other phrase I hear often is ‘I do Mommy.  I do!’  She’s growing and learning at an alarming rate and it’s wonderful (although time consuming) to let her attempt many new things each day.  What I love though is that when she tries, if she can’t quite do what she wants she’s also quick to say, ‘Mommy help pease.’   Oh yes sweetie, Mommy will help for sure!!

I’ll end this post with a fun conversation we had one night last week during our bedtime cuddle time after I’d turned out the lights:

Mommy:  Hannah, are you going to gymnastics tomorrow?

Hannah:  No!

Mommy:  Are you going to eat tomorrow?

Hannah:  No!

Mommy:  Are we going to read stories together tomorrow?

Hannah:  No!

Mommy:  Are you going to say ‘No’ tomorrow?

Hannah:  YES!!!

Heh….that’s my girl and I love every bit about her….even the ‘No’s!!’


  1. I knew from this post's title that I was going to love it and I did! No doubt you will be over the moon when that one syllable word suddenly gets replaced with a whole vocabulary of multiple syllables.


  2. Oh, Catherine. I'm relieved to read your post about Hannah. Saturday morning Charlotte woke up a defiant toddler, saying "no" and doing the opposite action requested, even when I knew that she really wanted to do it. I can remember vividly the first occurrence on Saturday morning. I thought it was a fluke and definitely not in-line with Charlotte's personality to date, but it has persisted ever since. My sister who has raised 3 children through this stage advises me that this too will pass--she said this as she chuckled. I was really hoping to skip through this phase--yikes!

  3. Oh so frustrating but so cute & funny! This too shall pass!

  4. And then they wake up at 13 and say NO defiantly and the real negotiation begins! So when this stage passes you can relax for about one decade and then the real fun begins :).

  5. That is the case in our house too! I use those tricks as well and if they feel like they have some decision making it makes things less stressful. Plus, we have it now in both languages! But somedays...I tend to take a lot of deep breaths.

    I still would not trade it for anything.

    Keep smilin!

  6. Yep I hear "No" all day long too. I also give Meigan choice a or b) and it's amazing how often the answer is still NO!

    You're so lucky about dressing though. Meigan has been picking out her clothes for awhile now. Today she headed off to daycare wearing a pink shirt, red tracksuit and purple hair band. Can't wait for the color coordinating years. :)


  7. No is not a good word in our home, never has been as AA has always shrunk from it; we have learned to say No in many other ways. Must have been something at the Orphanage as you would be shocked to have seen her reaction to that word. Not good. But we have worked around it.
    Love reading about all Hannah's progress and growing into a happy, energetic little girl!!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  8. Sounds about like our house! We've moved on from the constant "NO" to the "I can do it momma" which is now said CONSTANTLY! I just love to see these little sweeties learn their world and their boundaries.


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