Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Riding in Style!

Hannah’s main birthday gift from my parents and I was a little Princess electric riding toy.  Auntie Deb gave her a cute little pink toddler bike helmet with ladybugs on it and she was set to roll!DSC_7064

My niece Rebecca helped to catch this fun video when Hannah discovered her new toy. 

The weather turned cold and snowy after she received her gift so we needed to wait for a few weeks to take it out for a spin.  While she waited she test drove it in the house.  Sometimes successfully….DSC_7147

sometimes not so much!  DSC_7148

And lest you think the transition to a bike helmet was an easy one I give you one (of many) helmet meltdowns.  Ah…..2!DSC_7154

Finally it cleared up a bit and was warm enough so that he little fingers wouldn’t get frostbitten as she drove and I tell you, Hannah was ready to roll!!DSC_7313

This video won’t win any prizes but I tell you the giggles alone are worth watching it!  (Sure hope she hasn’t learned these skills from my driving!)

It didn’t take but a few minutes for her to get the hand of things and we were off!  There is a quiet street where we live that she can drive on which makes mommy very happy since she hasn’t gotten the hand of driving in a straight line yet!DSC_7329

My curious little muffin needed to check under the hood to see how everything works.  It’s not unusual for her to check things out which makes me wonder what she’ll decide to be when she grows up.  DSC_7327

Our first ride was a huge success as have been others since.  I can already tell we’re going to have lots and lots of fun with this toy!  It sure will be nice though when she can drive it without her little mitts hanging down.  C’mon spring!!!DSC_7317


  1. Now that is just about the cutest video I've ever seen!!!
    She REALLY got the hang of that car quickly!! Perhaps a mechanic is in her future! LOL
    Catherine she gets cuter and cuter everyday!! My goodness how can you stand all that cuteness?
    She's so happy!! You're so good with her. You two were meant to be together and the Lord made it happen. God Bless You Both!!
    See you in August!!
    (teehee I love saying that!)

    Miss Lila

  2. What a nifty gifty! She is super cute with the helmet!

    Keep smilin!

  3. There's nothing sweeter than the laugh of a little one. What a wonderful toy. Prior to reading this post I was giving some thought to buying something like this for Charlotte's birthday; unfortunately, there really isn't a lot of places around our house that she could ride it, but I think it's so cute. I was surprised to see just how quickly Hannah grasped driving it in the first video. I can just envisition Charlotte driving into cabinets and walls--hasn't really been exposed to many such toys. Maybe Hannah could give her some pointers when they get together.
    She's a cutie!

  4. Her face is becoming so expressive!

  5. I love the helmet. She looks adventurous, tough, and feminine all at the same time-girl power!


  6. She's a styling rider that 's for sure. She looks adorable in her little helmet.

  7. Adorable girl, i think you are so proud with her, am i right?

  8. That's a great and FUN gift!! Love the video...too cute!!


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