Monday, March 14, 2011

GREAT News for Singles Wanting to Adopt from China!!!

I have just learned that CCAA has made a change that will once again open the door for single women to adopt from China!! This is wonderful news for so many great Moms or, those who long to be a Mom for the first time!!

The change does come with some restrictions but still there will be many wonderful children who will now be welcomed into a home by women who are called to adopt them. Adoptions will be of 'Special Focus' children which are children who have been on the shared waiting child list for more than 2 months. Generally they are older (pre-school- and school-aged) or any age (infant through school-aged) who have an identified special need.

I don't have any more information other that what is in the links above.

I'm guessing many of you may ask what this means for Hannah and I? At this time, unless God lays it on my heart, Hannah and I will be staying a wonderful family of 2! I do not feel led to persue another adoption and am happy to pour my heart and soul into the one little girl that God has blessed me with!! We are so very, very happy together and my heart is very content to remain the dynamic duo that we are!

For those who this announcement opens new doors and opportunities....Congratulations! I cannot wait to hear from those who may now be led to adopt for the first time or to continue to build the family they already have!


  1. You ARE a dynamic duo!! A loving, wonderful family of two. :)

  2. You were the first one I thought of when I heard about this new rule!

    (By the way, I had to stop in the middle of typing this comment to go administer ice to an injured girl - typical, eh?)


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