Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Perfect Day at the Magic Kingdom!! ~ Part II

After lunch it was time for Hannah to nap for a bit so while Mom sat in the shade with her, Dad, Sharon, Larry and I headed for Splash Mountain.  We quickly learned that it’s called Splash Mountain for a very good reason!  I’ve been on this ride a few times and always known that the last big hill could end in a soaking but silly me thought before that I was safe.  Heh…nope!!  As we rode up the exit ramp with the scooter a nice older gentleman was there to tell us when we could load the ride.  He recommended we sit in the back of the boat as it’s normally the front that gets wet.  Sounded good to us so we headed for the back two rows of seats.  (I guess the fact that we all sat in small puddles of water should have been our first indication that it might not be as dry as he indicated.)  We merrily began the ride and were enjoying our first trip outside when I noticed the people in the boat in front of us urging their boat ahead to avoid the splash of a boat going down the final big hill.  After seeing the splash that boat set up I suddenly realized that we wanted to avoid such a splash too!  As I’m sure you can already guess…that was not to be and we got totally, completely soaked when hit by the splash of another boat!  I’ll tell you, there’s a real sense of helplessness as you sit there and almost in slow motion you see a wall of water droplets heading towards you which are, as Ro and Ree would say, ‘as big as your head!!’  They weren’t really but they sure looked that way!  Oh yes, we were soaked and couldn’t stop laughing!  What fun!!  We stayed dry on the last big hill but the damage had already been done!  The first two rows?  They were dry as a bone.  Us?  Not so much!  When we got back to the ride my dad jokingly asked the ‘nice’ old gentleman who had loaded us why he said we’d probably stay dry.  He grinned a big grin and just smiled saying, ‘Sorry….no guarantees!’  Heh…fun!!

After Splash Mountain I found that Hannah was sleeping soundly so Dad, Sharon and I headed next door to Big Thunder Mountain.  Once again we were able to slip to the front of the line.  I tell you, Disney won’t be the same next time when we have to wait in normal lines.  Occasionally even with the scooter we would go in the regular wait lines and I would tease Sharon that we were waiting with the ‘commoners.’  She hadn’t been on a roller coaster in years and her screams could tell us that.  We had such a great time together!

We wanted to do something mom (the more timid one in our group) could enjoy too so headed over to the Hall of Presidents.  Hannah slept on my shoulder through most of it and then woke up to enjoy the end.  By this time it was time to enjoy the parade and it was great!  Hannah was SO excited to see Mickey Mouse and the music had her dancing through it all!  She looked so cute as she waved at the characters and gave them high 5’s too. 

After the parade we enjoyed Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Country Bear Jamboree and Aladdin's Flying Carpets.DSC_5727


We had started our day early so were happy that the park was closing early too which meant that ‘Wishes’ the fireworks show was on at 6:00.DSC_5736



A wonderful day from start to finish!


  1. We took our big kids when they were in first and second grade but they don't remember the place at all. They have vague memories of the other stuff-the hotel pool and the airplane ride.

    Saw some pictures of your tribe on Ford and Alyson's site. Looks like you all had a great time together!

    PS-Did you know that your photos are publishing with a 2009 date?


  2. You have dreamed of this trip with your daughter for so long ..... dreams do come true.

  3. B..E..A..U..T..I..F..U..L

    Words can't express how beautiful it is seeing you there with Hannah!

    Miss Lila

  4. YAY! I can tell you had a magical time! Makes me want to go right back!

  5. so glad this trip is all that you'd dreamed of! one of these days we will have to meet there, my daughter still hasn't been!

  6. I agree...a truly wonderful day!

    Keep smilin!

  7. i am a huge Disney fan, and my daughter (age 28) and I still take an annual trip to either Disneyland, or Disney World. It is so awesome to see you and your precious daughter enjoying "the magic"! Wishing you many more trips to Disney!

  8. What an amazingly fun few days! I've loved seeing all your pics and videos! :)

  9. I am so happy that your dreams are coming true with Hannah!

  10. I am so glad to see that you guys finally made it to Disney!!! I love the pictures. What kind of camera did you use for the castle pictures? I NEVER get pictures that great at night.

    Hope you continue to have a great time. Take lots of pictures!!!

  11. It warms my heart that your Disney dreams with your sweet girl came true. I love it!


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