Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Day at Epcot

Hannah decided to try Grandpa’s hat to see if she preferred it to her own.  Pretty cute!DSC_5760

We needed to stop just inside the park to take the traditional pics in front of Spaceship Earth.  Hannah chillaxin in her stroller.DSC_5767

Still excited that we’re here with Grandma and Grandpa, Nana and Papa!!DSC_5769

Hitching a ride with Nana early in the day.DSC_5770

Before breakfast with the princesses the 4 grandparents enjoyed ‘Soarin’ while Mama and Hannah took a leisurely boat ride through Living with the Land.

After breakfast Hannah hung out with Grandma and Minnie while Mama and the others rode Test Track.  Hannah was happy and I enjoyed being able to ride one of the adult rides.  Not often possible as most of my trips have been with my wonderful niece who is timid when it comes to rides.

In her glory with the grandparents.DSC_5778

Later in the afternoon Nana wanted to stretch her legs so Papa took the wheels for a spin.  By this point Hannah knew where the horn, speed and on/off key were so she decided to share her skills with Papa.  DSC_5779

Later in the afternoon we toured around the countries.  We went into the American pavilion but didn’t last long so Hannah and I hung out while she coloured a ‘Duffy the Bear’ while the others enjoyed the show.DSC_5785

Look how cute she looks!DSC_5787

Showing off the finished product.DSC_5792

A great day was had by all!DSC_0175

Wonder what parks we’ll go to next November when we return together?


  1. I'm so happy you guys had a good time. What great memories!

  2. Next November huh? I'm writing it on the calender!
    Love the pics of Hannah, especially the one of her holding her art work.


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