Monday, December 28, 2009

Meeting a New Friend on her way Home from China!!

Saturday morning, on our way to Windsor, Hannah and I stopped at the airport to meet a special little lady!! D & D were on their way home from China with Miss Daphne and we were able to meet up with them before they caught their final flight of the trip. What a joy it was! I cried when D and I first hugged one another with our sweet babies between us. We're Moms!!! After years of dreaming together here we were with our babies in our arms. Nothing sweeter!

Auntie M was also there as D & D had camped out at their place the night before. What a treat for us all to be together at this very special time!

Hannah and Daphne getting to know one another


  1. Oh how precious!
    -Jen, total stranger & mom to Emma from Guangxi Province

  2. Aww Catherine, what a special moment! Hurray for all of you!

  3. What a special day for all. I love the airport greetings. It may not seem like much but it means a LOT to those coming home. You both look like motherhood suits you well!!
    Blessings for 2010!!

  4. It was a great way to start Boxing Day!!

  5. I love seeing the two girls meeting for the first time. Very cool. I can see loads and loads of playdates together in their futures.

  6. So great! We wish we could have been there to meet Daphne too. :(

  7. Such pretty girls and happy happy mommys!!!!


  8. So glad that you were able to meet Daphne!

  9. It was beyond words happy for us to see you both and for us to hug you two. LOOOOONG time coming and life is now so wonderful.

    You have to send me that video clip!

    Keep smilin!


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