Friday, December 04, 2009

Highly Under-Advertised!!

Now that's not a statement you hear too often is it?! But in this case it's true.

In China Hannah's little friend Beckett couldn't ooo and goo enough about these teething rusks. Her mom bought a box for Hannah and I bought another one too but completely forgot about them until this morning. As I was mixing her cereal and fruit I decided to see how she liked it and to say that she enjoyed it is an understatement!!

Last night at a shower for Hannah people remarked at her long attention span and truly she is one content little girl. This morning she sat for over an hour devouring her teething rusk. I managed to fit in her brekkie between bites but the bottle went on hold until after the rusk was gone. I dared once to try and take it away and Hannah clearly let me know that she wasn't finished with it yet!

The reason I feel the product is under-advertised is that it says it is for 'teething'. Using them only to assist with teething is truly under-utilizing all the possible options for this delightful food!

Here are some of the other options Hannah came up with:

A gooey pencil for writing notes on your highchair.

A great new hair product

And finally, a wonderful facial!

Here's my baby girl in action...


Next, we were off to the bath. I have a feeling that Heinz and Johnson's Baby Bath might been in a secret alliance as one led directly to the other!!


  1. Hi Catherine and Hannah,

    Love love your blog and all that you and Hannah are doing. The cookie sure kept her interest. I had to write and tell you about my grand daughters. The oldest who is now 4 began calling me Dada and now the 1 1/2 year old calls me Dada too. Interesting as they don't have a Dad but two Moms. I guess my name will always stick. The four year old tells people that I am her Grandma but that she calls me Dada. Maybe Hannah is calling you Dada!

  2. I will have to look for those cookies locally. Thanks for the endorsement. and I just love her squeeky little voice.

  3. i am addicted to hannah's video shes so adorable!

  4. She is such a doll Catherine! Keep posting...I love seeing what the beautiful Hannah will be up to next!

  5. Catherine she is just TOO CUTE! I don't know how you stand it! She also just seems SOOOO happy! It is clear you are doing a great job! :)

  6. I just realized I didn't read yesterday's post. How did I get through my day without you and Hannah?!?!?

    She is so cute and really seems to enjoy those cookies. No doubt Mommy enjoys them too as she can likely get a couple of things done while Hannah is munching away!!

  7. I'm glad you still find time to blog Catherine. I continue to look everyday to see how the two of you are progressing. She clearly is the centre of your world - as she should be. Amazing how someone that small can rule your world isn't it! Our 2 year old granddaughter does the same and has since birth.
    I hope you will always blog so I can watch as she grows.

  8. Catherine, be REALLY careful with the Rusks. If she bites of a chunk before it dissolves, it can choke her. AUstin had them when he was little, snapped off a big piece and before I knew it was holding him upside down trying to dislodge it. Just a word of caution from one mom to another!

  9. She is a cutie!!

    I love how she multi-purposes her cookie! She is a smart one!

  10. If you (and Hannah) love these, then I have some GREAT news for you.

    You can buy them here in the states at Walmart!! They are called MumMums and come in veggie and banana. :)

    My son LOVED these. And still does to this day (at almost 2).

  11. Very cute!! I remember those biter biscuits (the US version) and the babies do love them but I think I am still cleaning the remnants from my walls!!! Hehe!!

  12. I had some of these for Mia (you can buy them in the US too so I am sure you have them in Canada) but she insisted on biting chunks off the end! Even with no teeth! So I freaked out after having to dig a chunk out of her little mouth and quit giving them to her!!!

  13. What a cutie cookie monster!

    Keep smilin!

  14. This is such a cute post! I love all the uses that Hannah has found for them. Aren't babies the best?! I've followed your blog for about a year now and am thrilled that you are finally home safe and sound with her. She sure is cute! I am also an avid reader of M3's blog and saw that she was getting passport photos for Ro and Ree so that they could come to Canada! I was wondering when Hannah would get to meet the twinadoes! ha.ha.

    Love, MaLeah
    Mom to Marin 7 months old

  15. I hear you Catherine. We brought something similar back from Vietnam and Molly simply loves them. However, it has increased the amount of laundry we do... that stuff sticks to absolutely everything.

    How does Hannah like the face wash after... Molly lets us know she doesn't particularly like that part!

    j and d and m

  16. Yummy cookies and then a warm bath... is good!!

  17. I still am amazed at your baby Hannah. We missed so much with AA since she was 2 years old; so seeing a "baby" is so delightful! Enjoy every day! You're doing great!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for 14 Months

  18. You are having an absolute blast aren't you Catherine!!!!! I love reading ALL of it!!

    Love, Kristy

  19. Hello Caherine. I am a longtime follower of your blog - so let me offer you and Hannah a big congrats on finally becoming a family. I wanted to also add a warning about the biscuits. We used something similar with my daughter (a US brand)and a pediatric nurse we know had a fit when she saw our baby eating those. The stickiness of the biscuits combined with the small size kids can work them into can become quite dangerous choking hazard. We stopped using them after the warning - so I thought I'd share the information with you!

  20. Oh yes! They call those Biter Biscuits here. Caroline went nuts over those while we were in China and they are truly messy!

  21. thanks for making me laugh! too cute!


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