Friday, July 03, 2009

Rejuvenating Mini Vacay!

After missing our trip to BC earlier in the month, Sharon and I were able to head north for a few days of rest, relaxation, spiritual replenishment, fun and laughter! Ahhhh....just what the doctor ordered! Her hubby Larry was volunteering in the kitchen at nearby Camp Mini-Yo-We that made it's mark on the map when it was used to film the 1995 movie, 'It Takes Two' starring Mary K*te and Ashley 0lsen. I'm guessing Larry's glad he wasn't there during the taping of the food fight scene although I'm thinking it would have been a blast!!

We left home Sunday afternoon on a high as Grandpa had been able to come home last weekend for his very first overnight! He did SO well and we're looking forward to bringing him home again tomorrow. He is doing really well and we're taking things one day at a time, seeking God's guidance and leadership as to what His plans are for Grandpa's care.

The weather was forecasted to rain all 4 days that we were at the trailer but that didn't matter to us. In the end it was a wonderful combination of sun, rain and everything in between! Our Pastor was one of the guest pastors this week and we were blessed to learn much from him. He was teaching from the book of Ruth and one of the messages that spoke to my heart was seeking God during the waiting times of our lives and not sitting idle during the waiting. Yes...that one I have covered!

It was a wonderful reminder that God has plans for our lives right now, and we are to seek Him now even as we wait for our little ones. We are to be 'Traffickers of Hope' to those around us. I thought that was a neat term. I pray that during this time of waiting God is using me as a 'Trafficker of Hope' to other families whose hearts also long, and arms ache, for their little ones to be home. Hannah is so close and she is never far from my heart and I dare say an hour goes by without my heart and mind wandering to thoughts of her. Thank you Lord for being with me during this waiting time and for all that You are teaching me.

Tuesday afternoon started off rainy so after chapel we headed to Bracebridge and went to a little ceramics store. We'd wanted to do this last summer but had not been able to so it was on this years wish list of things to do. What a wonderful, relaxing afternoon we shared together! We both chose the same piece but the end product (at least the mid products as they're still away being fired) were oh so different and unique. It will be exciting to see what they look like after being fired! We're already planning our next pieces and hoping that we have another opportunity either there or at a place close to home to paint another piece. It would also be a fun afternoon to share with Rebecca and Victoria.

Wednesday was Canada Day and we took advantage of the times that the sun shone to be out of the deck reading and sharing time together.

Thanks for a wonderful mini vacay Sharon! Love you friend. So thankful for the friendship that God has blessed us with!


  1. Looks like a WONDERFUL little Mini vacay..
    LOVE the photos..
    the plate is toooo cute..
    Have a great weekend..

  2. Catherine,
    You have ALWAYS been a trafficker of hope to everyone around you for a very long time. You shine a light on others when so many other people spend their time sucking the light out of people.
    I have a feeling that you and Sharon could be trapped in a tornado and you would still find joy and laughter in the moment.
    Glad you had a wonderful week!

  3. You sure keep yourself busy. I ove it.

  4. I keep meaning to take my girls to our local ceramics place so thanks for the reminder! I can't wait to see how your piece turns out.... very cute.

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful time. You plate looks lovely and I hope that you share a piccie once it's fired.

  6. sounds WONDERFUL~! I so wish i could work in one little mini-vacay before bringing Ellis home- I feel like I need one!! LOVE that plate!

  7. What wonderful news and fun times! I adore the pattern you painted on your plate! Gonna be really nice.

    Keep smilin!

  8. You have been a wonderful spreader of cheer and hope to many families! Your friendship and presence has lifted many people up including us!
    Glad you had a blast!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy for Nine Months!

  9. I second what she said... :)
    You really are a true and fine 'Trafficker of Hope'.

  10. You are a "Trafficker of Hope"!! I just love that term!
    Sounds like you got a great bit of spiritual rejuvenation and had a wonderful time with friends. I love your plate for Hannah, very very cute!

  11. Great mini-vacay I love that big plate/bowl you did with the ladybugs on very nice!

    If you are free from the 9th-17th of this month you are welcome to stay as Jaz is off!

    P.P.S.Plus don't forget to update your sidebar with my new blog address, I think someone already took my old address so it links to the wrong thing.

  12. Oh fun! And I loved that movie too! Beautiful plate. Glad you are having such a nice time.


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