Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Denver is Home!!!

Isn't he adorable?!!

You may remember this post from a couple of weeks ago when I was asking you to pray for families in the process of adopting from Ethiopia as their Canadian agency had filed for bankruptcy leaving all of their families in limbo. What I didn't share at the time was that my precious friend Karen had already dropped everything and left for Ethiopia to meet her beautiful son Denver. She and her hubby were matched with Denver in January, had successfully gone through court in May and were now just awaiting travel approval. Karen couldn't get there fast enough and was willing to be in Addis Ababa as long as necessary in order to bring their sweet son home.

God worked miracles for this family as Karen first met Denver on Thursday July 16th and was able to have him with her for the rest of their time. The Canadian government granted all the documents required in a speedy manner and they flew home this past Saturday! God is SO GOOD!!! What a beautiful, beautiful family!

There are still many others who are waiting to find out the status of their adoptions and my heart (as do those of the Carmody family) still goes out to them. Please know that you are in our prayers and we are still fighting right alongside you to have your adoptions completed too.

Congratulations Karen and Mike!!! You have a beautiful family and I am blessed beyond measure to call you friends. Love you! xo

On a side note, I've just found out that a friend has started a website for families with children from Ethiopia or those who are adopting from Ethiopia. If this is you, you can check it out at EhtiopiaKids.com


  1. Very sweet indeed. Look at those amazing eyes!

  2. Wonderful news!! He is beautiful.

    Keep smilin!

  3. I'm SO happy for y'all! Rhonda e-mailed me about this issue two weeks ago and I felt SO sad for these families. I'm glad one family had a happy ending (beginning?) and I will continue to pray for the other families effected.

  4. Welcome home Denver... tooo sweet..
    Have a great week..

  5. Wow that's a cute kid! LOL! Thanks for your love and support Catherine. It was so good to see you and so many others there at the airport to welcome me and Denver home on Saturday. Couldn't have gotten through it without the prayers of others and of course our amazing Father in heaven!

    Love you. Can't wait till it's my turn to welcome you and Hannah home at the airport! Not much longer now.


  6. So glad that Denver is home safe and sound! Keeping all of the families in my prayers.

  7. I'm so glad everything worked out for them. This is so hard for all waiting families, but especially when something like this happens. I'm so happy for you for your referral Catherine. You have braved this wait with patience, hope and joy. You deserve all the happiness in the world!

  8. It's good to hear such great news.
    Praying for those other families yet to pick up their little ones.

  9. Oh Catherine, he is just precious!!! Look at those cheeks...love 'em!
    Love, Kristy

  10. I'm so glad everything worked out! What a sweet baby.


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