Friday, April 25, 2008

Tricia and Gwyneth are Doing Great!!

So many of you prayed and God has answered in a wonderful way!!!

Just 3 short weeks after Tricia's double lung transplant she has been relased from the hospital and now she and Nate continue her recovery from a nearby hotel. She is in a physical therapy day program for post transplant patients and at the same time they are spending as much time with Gwyneth Rose as they can. Their little peanut is now a whopping 4 lbs. which is 1 lb. 9oz more than when I first shared Tricia's transplant with you just 3 weeks ago!! Good growing Gwyneth Rose!! April 10th she was moved out of the NICU and has been moved into a 'big girl bed.' (They teased that they had to put both sides of the crib up since her new freedom from the NICU allowed her to climb out of bed! LOL!!)

Lord willing, both of Nate's girls will be ready to head home (real home as opposed to hotel home) in about a month or so!!

Here are a couple of video's of Tricia, Nate and Gwyneth's story:

Beautiful news video of their family and the miracle double lung transplant

Video of Tricia leaving hospital

God is SO good and has blessed this family in amazing ways!! Thank you for praying!!


  1. Hello!
    I happen to come upon your comment on Nathan’s blog. I’ve been reading/following their story since January. When I read your comment about waiting for a baby in China your words resonated in me. I too am waiting and have My LID is the end of March. For us it is March 27. We thought we would have a baby within 6 months also-at the time we were living in Hong Kong and thought we would easily pick her up from there. To make a long story short….as you know…we wait. It was a comfort to read your blog and realize that others are sharing our experience and understand!
    God Bless,

  2. That is SUCH wonderful news...just makes the heart sing!

  3. Have been following their story also and can never read the blog without tears. Their's is a true story of Love and Faith.. Makes one step back and count all their blessings as life can always be much harder. Always include them in my thughts and prayers.. Linda

  4. This is wonderful news! Thanks for the update!

    Amazing power of prayer! Bless them all!

    Smiles! :o)

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