Monday, April 28, 2008

April Updates

Tricia, Nate and Gwyneth Rose
I wanted to wait until I heard back from Nate to see if he would mind if I posted a couple of pics and he gave the 'go ahead' so here are a few pics to share with you:

Family pic, April 26, 2008

In my last post I mentioned how Gwyneth Rose had grown since her mommy's surgery. Here's the pics to show you how God has strengthend this precious little girl! (You can use the little Pug as a guide) Wow...what a difference 3 weeks can make!!!

April 1, 2008 (the day before mommy's surgery)

April 23, 2008 (just 3 weeks and 1 day later! WOW!!!)

God is SO good! Please continue to pray for this precious family. Their story is reaching around the world and with it, the truth of God's handiwork in their lives and His love is reaching around the world with it!!

25 Month LIDiversary Tulips
Here they are!

This weekend I was treated to seeing Hannah's beautiful tulips burst forth in all of their glory! I'm going to save the bulbs once their finished blooming (and whatever else needs to happen. Better read up on that) and then plant them in the garden in the fall. I get goose bumps thinking that next time these bulbs are in bloom I should be very close to seeing Hannah's picture for the very first time! Now if that's not encouragement I don't know what is!


  1. Such a wonderful update!! Great news!

  2. Happy 25 to you - such beautiful tulips!

  3. You are always so amazingly positive! The tulips are beautiful.

  4. All good things blooming.

    Keep smilin!

  5. Happy 25! What great news to celebrate with.

  6. We just came back from EPCOT - saw BJ THomas ("Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head") - think of you every time we do the Disney thing.

  7. Happy 25! The tulips are just gorgeous! They are one of my favorite flowers.

  8. Happy 25th!! Tulips are my favorite!! I can't wait to see them bloom again, hopefully we'll have someone in our arms by then...yeah I'm dreaming!

    Could you email me your mailing address so I can send something to you for your sweet girl.

  9. Wonderful news....our Hayden looked like that in the hospital and now he is a non-stop tornado!! I will say a prayer for continued healing.........


    you are close, you are close, you are close!!!!!!

  10. Happy 25th to you!!! Such an awesome story about Nate and his 2 girls!!!

  11. Hello Catherine,

    This is April, and I am so excited for you and your little Hannah. Even though I have not adopted myself I understand the wait all to much. I am sure that you have been told this many times, "But once you hold her the wait we be wiped away". This is my first time on your site and I want to also thank you for keeping up with mine. Don't you love when people post on your thoughts and comments. Well I do look forward to following your journey and once again Congratulations to you and your little Hannah. God is so good!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hi Cathy,
    So glad you put me onto Nate's blog. I check it daily and am so in awe of how God is answering their/our prayers. A very special little family.

    Thanks also for the comments you made on my "waiting" post. Such tremendous lessons you shared - you have really inspired me. Loved your outlook on waiting - a lesson for me. Sometimes we can get so self-absorbed in our own waiting we can miss opportunities to minister to others. You definitely have a servant's heart and are always giving to so many. You are a real example to me.

    Have a great evening,
    Love to you,

  13. It is SO wonderful to hear good news. Yes, sweet babe is growing by leaps and bounds :0)

    Twenty-five down, friend. I love your attitude. Being the ultimate black thumb, I could never speak those words because the tulips would never bloom again ;0) You, m'dear, will have much better luck with that.

  14. HAPPY 25 - right there with you!!!



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