Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Don't Let the Door Hit You on the Way Out!!!

Can I tell you how happy I am to see the end of November 2005 referrals? I know many of you are in the same boat and oh baby, I'm looking forward to the day when referrals begin for the months after November 2005!

I'll admit that I had fully convinced myself that this batch would take us 4 or 5 days into December but once again I blew it! Every poll we had access to showed very small numbers of LID's for the end of November so I was fully prepared to celebrate seeing December '05 referrals. I'm still excited to celebrate with Kathy and Matt who received 'the call' about their precious baby girl yesterday but oh how I wish we were celebrating with others like Abby's Mom too! Hopefully next month!

For those of my friends who read this from outside the adoption world, it has taken 6 v-e-r-y l-o-n-g months for CC+AA to match babies with families whose files were logged with them in November 2005. November 1st LID's received their referrals on May 1st and just yesterday, referrals began to arrive for families logged in November 26th - 30th. Sadly I believe this is a new record and hopefully one that will never be broken!!

What does this mean to those of us waiting? Once again our anticipated referral months are delayed and the waiting game continues.

Still waiting...still praying...still trusting God for His perfect timing. Oh does it hurt though! Anybody have a spare tissue I can use?

I've decided that tonight I'll drown my disappointment in a DQ Pecan Mud Slide! Who's with me? Ice cream and chocolate for everyone and we'll post pics of ourselves with our referral coping food of choice. C''ll be fun! :o) Yup...feeling better already!


  1. Gosh I hope things speed up soon! Thinking of you!!

    I am so happy for Kathy and Matt!

  2. well, at least november is finally GONE, done, outta here. i admire your strength and trust in God Catherine. You will be a wonderful mom. I am praying that things get moving faster again for you all.

  3. Catherine, I'll go in on a case of Kleenex with you and we could definitely do some DQ damage!

    I feel the same about November. I'll probably lose my mind from the relief when 2006 referrals start coming.

  4. I was just telling dale last night that I felt soooo sorry for those late november lid's!!

    Can you imagine how long this month must have felt for them??!!! You'd probably be soooo excited to see YOUR month started...and then it goes and takes 6 mths to get through!!! Uggg!!! I hear March is big I'm sure that's what it would be like for me as well when that time actually gets here!!

    I'm all in on the food challenge!! I'm sitting here eating nuts with m&m's already and I'm sure my "sorrow drownings" aren't over yet!! ;)

  5. I'll come to DQ with you! BUt I'll get the brownie thing. Hooray for being through NOVEMBER. I don't want to hear about that rotten month for....months. :-)

  6. Girl you said it, bye bye November 05! I'm just ready for the next YEAR... bring on 06, and fast!

  7. I enjoy drowning myself in Baskin Robbins' Peanut Butter and Chocolate icecream with a brownie on the side.

    love your blog!

  8. My choice tonight was Bulk Barn and I dragged little G-Man with me. We bought Fun Dip (of course), caramels, Nerds and bought some spider cookies and icing to decorate for Halloween. Having him around tonight sure made the referral news a little easier to handle.

  9. I agree! Yay November is done. Hopefully we will soon see a new trend!

    P.S. I like your damage control :)

  10. Perfect title for the post! Could not have said it better!

  11. So glad to be finished with November.
    So sad they only sent four days worth of referrals.

    DQ sounds good right about now!

  12. Hoping things move more quickly for December!
    I'll join you at DQ, icecream is my biggest weakness!

  13. I too am glad to see the end of November.

    I am liking the look of that DQ...

  14. I am happy that Nov is done. DQ is a great idea.

    Keep smilin!

  15. I guess one little Utah pre-momma owes you something from a bet.. I was hoping I would be right!!! Dec 11 was a pipe dream!! I am so glad we are done with Nov 2005!


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