Monday, December 07, 2015

Welcome Back Bobble Chippey!

Bobble Chippey surprised Hannah by arriving a few days early this year.  She’d had a rough week and was a little under the weather so she guessed he came early to cheer her up.  So sweet that she thought of this.
He decorated the table to announce his arrival.DSC_1851
Something really sweet happened this year!  Bobble Chippey had arrived in the middle of the night, set the table and since my camera’s flash is broken he’d opened the curtains on the downstairs window so that Mommy could take pictures in the morning. 
Before going to bed the last thing I did was set Hannah’s Christmas Minnie hat on the arm of the couch, mere feet from the kitchen table. 
I woke up around 6:30 on the day Bobble Chippey arrived and looked over to see Hannah laying with her eyes closed….wearing the Minnie hat!  She could tell I was awake and asked how long I wanted to sleep but didn’t let on a thing.  I said until around 8:00 but by 7:30 I couldn’t do it to her any longer.  She still hadn’t said a thing!  I got up and while I brushed my teeth she went downstairs then ran back up calling out with excitement, ‘Mommy!  Mommy!  Bobble Chippey is back!!’  She had found him sometime before 6:30 but not said a word as she knew I liked to sleep in on Saturday mornings when I could.  What a sweetheart!
We quickly went downstairs and breakfast a la Bobble Chippey (BC) began.  This year he’d set out pancakes with crushed candy canes, bacon was in the fridge along with chocolate milk.DSC_1855
Before watching the new DVD BC brought she enjoyed the book.DSC_1859
Since he arrived BC has had fun finding a new place to sit each day.  It seems this year he pays attention to what we’re doing one day and the next day he’s often found in a similar location.
The day after Hannah received a box of books from a friend he was checking out one of them.DSC_1887
Playing with Hannah’s Princess LegoDSC_1889
When we unpacked this snow globe Hannah had made last year the snowman had come loose and now floats upside down.  BC thought it would be fun to hand out with the snowman.IMG_9141
Looking at one of our blog books.IMG_4792-2
This morning Bobble Chippey got into mischief for the first time this year.  Hannah loves the day that he decorates the tree and calls it a tradition! SmileDSC_1890
It will be fun to see what places Bobble Chippey finds to hang out between now and Christmas.


  1. The underwear tree is hilarious! Definitely a tradition! Ha! I love that BC is kind and isn't used as a threat at your house. We never got an elf since Marin has always been afraid of them due to that reason. A friend told him that the elves watch you & then tell Santa when you are bad! He was barely 3 and when I suggested we try an elf he was like, "No way!" LOL

  2. love the breakfast idea! Maybe we'll be lucky and our Elfy will surprise us with breakfast on our first day of holidays ;)

  3. Oh, my! I am going to do this. My girls will be hysterical over this one! Thanks for the idea.

  4. I am going to use some of these ideas for our elf Red!!!


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