Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Sentu (Santa) Letter 2015

Hannah wrote her first letter to Santa this year.  (A Santa letter was just one of those things that didn’t get done in years past due to the busyness of the season.  Oops!)   She was pretty excited to write one this year! 

It was so sweet to see how she filled out the form I printed out for her.  DSC_1902 - Copy

Here’s her letter – with interpretation. Winking smile

Dear Santa,

I have been very good this year!

I have done these nice things:

1. I hloped mama fold loandre (I helped mama fold laundry)

2. Racraed levs at Nana and Papa (Raked leaves at Nana and Papa’s)

3. Maec the bed. (Make the bed)

My Christmas wishes are:

1. Shopkins 12 Pack

2. Mini tablit

3. Shopkins Book

4.1 gift crd to Masdmind (1 gift card to Mastermind)

I hope you enjoy the cookies and milk!

Love, Hannah

I loved sitting with her as she thought of what to write and then sounded out the words to determine how to spell them.  So sweet!  With her being in French Immersion I won’t get as many of these neat letters/pieces of homework with Grade 1 spelling so I was thankful she chose to figure out how to spell the words rather than ask me to spell them for her.  This is a treasure for sure!!  I’m going to make a colour copy of it before it heads off to Santa. 

I was going to recommend that we mail the letter to Santa but she thought it would get there quicker if Bobble Chippey delivered it so that’s what he’s going to do tonight.  Clever girl my Hannah XiaoFen is!

She wrote out an envelopeDSC_1900

What a treat it was to spend this time with Hannah as she wrote her Santa letter!  She’s pretty excited that Bobble Chippey is going to deliver it directly to Santa himself tonight!!DSC_1899


  1. She writes well and she sure is aware of the popular gadgets. How is she doing in french immersion?

  2. Absolutely adorable kid!! You will forever cherish her first letter to Santa! And I have no doubt that she will get everything on her list as she is such a GOOD little girl. Keep smiling Hannah! TR

  3. Oh my, this is really cute! I love the envelope and the fact that the letter mentions nice things she's done. Cool idea! Marin's done a Santa letter for a few years now and insists on hand delivering it in person. Apparently, he doesn't have faith in the postal service. LOL

    1. How fun that Marin delivered his in person. Hannah is a bit leery of Santa this year so will wave at him from afar. :) Her elf delivered her letter in person and wrote and update letter that Santa said thank you so it looks like it made it. I'm waiting for a few packages coming via the US Postal Service so I hope they pull through. ;)


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