Monday, September 07, 2015

My Gymnastics Girl!

Hannah took a year off of gymnastics to try baton but was excited to go back to gymnastics in July.  I could see such changes in her after the year off!  She was that much older and stronger and more focused too.  Even the way she carried herself showed more maturity.  IMG_8344

Last week at graduation we were able to watch from inside the gym which is a rare treat.  Normally we’re in the parent’s viewing area where window space is tough to get so I enjoyed my time in the gym.   Unfortunately I have yet to figure out what camera and setting to use to get good pictures.  The majority of them ended up like this!  Seriously?!?!   Must work on that for next time!IMG_8350 - Copy

Anyway, videos were more successful.  Hannah’s tumble track time

and back hip pullover on the bars.  Her coach was really impressed by how much this skill progressed during the term and how close Hannah is to being able to do it completely on her own!  Pretty good for 6 in recreational gymnastics.

Hannah with Coach Jenn.IMG_8362 - Copy

You did so well Hannah and Mommy is so proud of you!  I’m excited to cheer you on again this fall at gymnastics!IMG_8360


  1. Looking good! Mine retired from gymnastics this year. Kind of sad, but nice to have the free time :). Hannah looks like she is enjoying it. Keep up the good work :).

  2. Chloe loves gymnastics, Hannah looks so tall compared to Chloe, great job Hannah!

  3. Her bar work is great! And how adorable is she bouncing down the tumble track! Love, love the Minnie Mouse leotard. It looks like she's in the Disney loving class as I also spotted a Frozen & a Sophia the First shirt! My kind of girls!


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