Thursday, September 03, 2015

Let’s Go To The Ex!!!

Last weekend was our annual trip to the Canadian National Exhibition with Uncle Dave, Auntie Trish, Makenna and Kallen.IMG_4197

IMG_8296IMG_8298 - Copy

When we enter the gates of the Ex there is only one destination….Tiny Tom Donuts!   Baked fresh, scooped into the bag when they’re still piping hot and doused in icing sugar!  Mmmm!  Love traditions and this is a great one I remember from when I was a little girl!!


The kids asked to go to the farm building first and it was a great choice as we could enjoy things before it got busy.  We were front of the line to ride the ‘horses’ which was Hannah’s number 1 request for the day.  I think that smile says the ride lived up to her expectations!  IMG_8300

There was lots to do in the farm building and many animals to see but most of my pictures are of horses.  Kallen rode this adorable little ride intended for toddlers.  IMG_8307

Makenna and Hannah rode bicycle horses.  (As they were getting ready to ride Hannah looked at Makenna with a serious face and said, ‘Have fun Makenna and make this a great memory!  Next year we’re going to be too tall to ride.’  LOL!  Too funny!  She had me in splits!)  IMG_8312

The kids also enjoyed a pretend farm where they gathered fruit, veggies, eggs, milk, fish and more and put them in their buckets.  There was an inflatable corn maze and we watched cows being milked.  There were lots of sweet little piggies too.  Hmmm…think they might have smelled a bit?  I couldn’t smell it but my girl seems to have! IMG_8315

Hannah and Makenna are just 4 months apart in age and are the best of friends!  Hannah tells me often how thankful she is for her cousins!!  Here they posed with baby piggies who were just a few days old!IMG_8316

All the kids enjoyed the opportunity to try out their fishing skills.  Kallen and Daddy almost caught one but it got off the line.  He sure was cute trying though!!IMG_8322

Love seeing my brother being an awesome dad!!IMG_8323


Great choice kiddos!  Hanging out at the farm with you was the very best way to start our day!IMG_8329

By now it was early afternoon and our tummies told us it was time for lunch.  Trish and I had noticed people with these Thanksgiving waffles after we’d eaten last year and vowed we’d try and find them this year.  It was well worth the year wait!  Trish and I shared this delicious waffle made of stuffing that was filled with turkey, peas, cranberry sauce and gravy.  Deeelicious!IMG_8332

After lunch I think I went into a turkey coma and forgot to pull out my camera.  Oops!  While Kallen napped the girls rode a couple of rides and we browsed through the craft building.  We hoped to watch the dog show but unfortunately it was full by the time we got there. 

It was now early evening so we decided to leave the Ex, IMG_8299head to a neighbouring area of the city to go to an ice cream parlour Dave and Trish had discovered the week before.  The lines at this place stretch down the block.  To pass the time Uncle Dave took the kids for a walk to see some wall murals.


When we got close the girls (and Auntie Trish) wanted to see what flavours were available as they change daily.  They have neat flavours like London Fog (Earl Gray), Fruity Loops, Cinnamon and more.  IMG_4209

Their specialty is homemade ice cream sandwiches.  I think it’s safe to say we all enjoyed them!IMG_4213

Hannah and I are blessed over and over to have an amazing family and I love the time we spend with Dave and his family!! That’s a really good thing too as we’re down to single digits counting down to…….Family pic in front of the castle - Copy

Smile  Smile  Smile  Smile  Smile

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  1. The Ex looks like so much fun! What a neat event. Single digits?! I can't wait to follow along! I'm so thrilled for you guys! I didn't realize your brother & family were going too! How about all the grandparents?!


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