Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Disney 2015 ~ Magic Kingdom–Day 1, Part 2: The Rest of the Fun!

Once we’d completed our photo shoot we made our way behind Cinderella’s castle to go to ‘Be Our Guest’ for breakfast.  This is a new dining option that Disney offers and we all enjoyed our breakfast…especially since it was ‘Free!!!’  I booked this trip 1 year ago when Hannah and I were here in 2014 and the offer I booked included Free Dining.  With our resort room I secured free meals for us and I upgraded by paying about $20/day for the 2 of us to enjoy special table service restaurants.  It’s a great deal and upgrading works perfectly for us!

Hannah and I shared and open faced toasted baguette with brie, arugula, bacon and 2 poached eggs one it.  It also came with a little bit of fresh fruit, a tray of mixed pastries and beverages for both of us.  We enjoyed our meal and I’m sure we’ll return for breakfast again next year.  This was what was left after I’d taken Hannah’s portion off…and remembered to take a picture.IMG_8435IMG_8438

We were already in Fantasyland so after breakfast hopped in the line to ride Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.  One of our favourites! 

After Seven Dwarfs it was off to the teacups.  Hannah, Uncle Dave and Kallen like to spin like crazy so we sent them off together while the other 3 of us sat in a little less spinney teacup!  I love the relationship Hannah has with her Uncle Dave!IMG_8447

The spinners


The wimps – trying to look brave!IMG_8451

At this point we saw a big storm rolling in so we headed over to an area where we could ride a few things without having to go outside too much between rides.  We tried out the new interactive queue at Peter Pan.  Very creative!

Kallen wasn’t too impressed with the wait so he decided to slip between the slats in the fence and hang out in Michael Darling’s room.IMG_8457

It was still raining pretty hard so we visited ‘Mickey’s Philharmagic’ and ‘it’s a small world’.  IMG_8464By this point the rain had stopped for the day (yay!!) and we had FastPasses for the princess so we set off to visit them.



Snow WhiteIMG_8475

After lunch at Casey’s Corner we decided to watch the Festival of Fantasy Parade since we were sitting right next to the parade route.IMG_8480IMG_8482




Our next FastPass time had arrived so we visited Ariel in her Grotto and rode her ride.IMG_8503

One of the rides Hannah had chosen to skip last year was the Tomorrowland Speedway but this year was a different story.  She did so well! 




Our final ride of the night was Dumbo!  Ending with a classic was perfect!IMG_8520


  1. What a fun day! Since I see daylight on Dumbo, I assume you did not stay until midnight? Ha! It looks like everyone is having a blast! I'm looking forward to more pics already! :)

    1. Yes, the park hours are shorter in Sept and with somewhat lower crowds we're getting home in fairly good time each night. Last night even in time for a swim!

  2. It looks like it'll be earlier nights for us next month too! Well, if you call 10 pm closings early! Ha! Marin has already said he wants to stay "From the time it opens till it shuts down." That's my Disney guy! Ha! I think his record is 8 am-2 am with a 20 minute power nap. Whew! Makes me tired just thinking of it! Ha!

    1. LOL! Yes, we have Disney kids for sure! I remember the time we met in person at MK and the kids rode Goofy's Roller Coaster 10 times in a row! I'm missing the late nights at the MK as we love their rides in the dark but must say being in our room by 10 has it's advantages too. Will be excited to follow your trip too!

  3. What great fun. Hope we're able to share this experience with Charlotte some time soon. Lots is going on, but I wanted to touch base with you about piano lessons. Sorry to take so long to get back to you about it. I really think this would be good for Charlotte and it will be something that we can share together. Do you still have a spot available?
    Talk soon,

  4. Amazing how these girls REALLY look like the real princesses. Especially Snow White! The parade looks amazing and the food selection AWESOME!!!! I bet Hannah is in her glories, and Momma too!!


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