Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Hannah’s First Day in Grade 1!!

Today was a big day for Hannah as she not only started Grade 1 but she did so in a new school…and a new language!  She is now in French Immersion and I know that she is going to flourish! 

That being said, she was nervous about the change and I can’t say that I blame her.  Over the summer when asked about her new school she would say, ‘I’m nervous but that’s because I’m getting ready to do something exciting!’  I heard a friend say that to her kiddos once and loved it so shared it with Hannah and she ran with it.

Over the weekend Hannah’s nervousness and excitement changed to being downright scared!  And I understood.  Even though I was trying to reassure her I completely understood the fear that she was experiencing.  I had shared with her that I had changed schools numerous times as a child as we moved around for dad’s job and that new schools were big changes for sure.

My girl slept well last night which was an answer to prayer.  She woke me with an excited, ‘Bonjour Mommy!’  Yup – she was ready!   It was an earlier morning as her new school starts 45 mins. earlier than her old one did.  The neat thing is that now I get to drop her off at school as it’s on my way to work and the earlier start time allows for this.  (The earlier day is also working out in the afternoon as Ange will be picking her up from the bus!  I began praying for someone to do this way back in the spring and it ended up being Ange!  Thank you Lord!!!)

We took some traditional first day pics before heading to the school. DSC_1730



Hannah did great when we got to the school!  She wanted me close and needed lots of ‘thumby’ (she rubs my right thumb for comfort) but then when it was time to go in she said her goodbyes and joined the line.  (Her missing bottom lip is another habit that comes out more when she is nervous or tired.)  Hannah was even able to help comfort another little girl who was in tears.  So proud of my caring girl!IMG_8379

I had the day off so did some exciting things like get the oil changed, shop and tidy the house. 

It was an early dismissal and before I knew it it was 1:50 and time to pick up my girl!   As I walked towards the school I noticed something else that is very different from her old school.  Since this school is French Immersion only and draws students from 1/3 of our city, the majority of the students are bussed.  This is the first set of buses that pick up students and as soon as they leave another 5 pull up!IMG_1322a

Hannah came out of the school holding hands with the one girl from her SK class that is also in her new class.  So sweet!  It was a bit of organized chaos as teachers made sure their new students got on the correct buses but Mme J was great and she made sure each child was safely delivered to the correct bus/parent. 

Hannah and I were excited to see one another and I couldn’t wait to hear about her day!  Mme J said she had a great day!  From the little I know of her teacher, I think she’s going to be wonderful for Hannah!  She’s young, smiley and genuinely seems to care for the kids.  In the morning all the other teachers were holding up clipboards with their name on it while Mme J had a bright yellow poster with her name and a smiley flower on it!  At first I couldn’t find her but that’s because she spent much of the morning bending down and conversing with the kids.  Smiling, chatting and getting to know them a bit.  It’s the little things that count and first impressions.  Speaking of which, each child received a bag with 10 items and this cute list.  What a great way to welcome each child and put them at ease!  IMG_1325a

As a special treat after school we went to have our nails done as I still had 1 gift card left.  It about does my ticklish girl in to have her feet touched but she still asks to go with me for a pedicure.   So cute!IMG_1323

Hannah’s first day in Grade 1 was great and she is looking forward to going back to tomorrow!  When I was putting her to bed she said she didn’t have a great day….she had a stupendous day!!!  That’s exactly what this mommy’s heart wanted to hear! 

Way to go Hannah XiaoFen!  Grade 1 will be a year of learning, excitement, new friends and a new language and I can’t wait to walk with you every step of the way!  But, please go easy on Mommy as ‘Je ne parle pas Francais!‘DSC_1737


  1. What an exciting new adventure! It's so great that she gets to do French immersion. I'm a big fan. I think it's magic that my kids are learning French at such a young age. Go Hannah!

  2. I'm so glad she had a great 1st day! Bless her heart she looks so nervous in the line. I just want to hug her! The pedicure pic is the best! Ha! How did you do Mama?! I did ok this year but it does make your heart ache to leave your baby doesn't it?! On one hand you are so excited for their big adventures and them growing up but it is hard! I hope she has a fantastic year!

  3. Glad to hear the first day went well!

  4. That is so awesome! Sounds like she had a great day and she looked super cute!

  5. Sounds like a perfect first day, I think it is such a gift to get to learn a second language so young. Chloe is in dual language Kinder this year and she is so excited to learn Spanish.

  6. What an amazing educational opportunity and so neat that you can drop Hannah off yourself each morning.

  7. Good for Hannah! I am impressed with all the transitions she made.

    Do you speak French?

  8. way to go Hannah, what a big step! So glad she enjoyed her first day!
    PS, love, love, love the dress!

    1. Hopefully I'll remember to send it your way when she outgrows it! I often forget to clean the 'too small' clothiers out of the closet. D'oh! What size is Grace wearing now?


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