Saturday, September 12, 2015

Disney 2015–Let the Magic Begin!!

It’s the time of year that Hannah and I look forward to with great excitement and anticipation – our annual Disney trip!!  This year Uncle Dave, Auntie Trish, Makenna (6) and Kallen (2 – but 3 next week!) are here too so it’s a family trip once again!

We left home yesterday and stayed at a hotel near the airport and then flew to Orlando today.  Kallen and Daddy checking out our plane.IMG_8384

Hannah waiting patiently for our boarding numbers to be called.IMG_8391

This was the first time our families have flown together and the girls were excited to sit together!IMG_8394


Posing for our traditional airport pics.  (I could tell something was different but couldn’t quite figure out what until I realized the blue sorcerer’s hat had been replaced by the Tower of Terror.)IMG_8400

We’re at Disney!!!  Let the adventures begin!!!IMG_8403

It’s midnight and the luggage just arrived.  Time to unpack.  (We had a later flight and then a thunder storm rolled in so the ground crews were pulled off the tarmac until the lightening passed.)  Glad it did and that I can soon get everything put away and call it a night!  It’s an early morning tomorrow as we have an 8:00am reservation at ‘Be Our Guest’ restaurant.


  1. I am jealous, I was there 6 years ago....but now I am off to Disneyland the last week of October with three grandsons and my daughter and her husband. It will be a wild ride.

  2. OK, now I know where that background is! I kept trying to think where but now that you said airport it makes perfect sense! We always drive so we've missed that pic! Ha! I can't believe the grandparents aren't with you! Looks like your little group is excited and ready to go though! What fun to ride a plane to Disney with your cousin!!

  3. Hannah already took time out of school. haha. Is it better to go in September than in August?
    Have fun!!

  4. This is just the beginning of a wonderful adventure! I think I am just as excited as your are Catherine! You're rubbing off on me! lol Love the plane selfie with the girls. I sooooooo can't wait to hear all about your trip! Tell Hannah that Gage and Payton say hi and that they wish they were there with her. Big, big hugs! xo TPR

  5. Looks like you are about to have an awesome adventure!!


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