Wednesday, April 02, 2014

See You Real Soon!!

As we disembarked our first cruise on Saturday, March 1st we walked under this sign.IMG_2922

I’ll be honest and say that it was much easier to leave the ship knowing that we’d taken the advice of many on DISboards and had booked our next cruise before leaving our first!!  Wheee!!!!!

Thursday during our final full day at sea, Hannah and I sat down with a Disney Cruise planner and chose a cruise for next February.   I’d planned ahead to look into this to see if we could swing it but wasn’t holding my breath.  I had saved for 7 years to pay for this first cruise so I wasn’t sure we’d be able to do it again so soon.  (And to be honest, I had no idea how much we would both fall in love with Disney cruising!!)  Disney offers a 10% discount and an onboard credit if you book another cruise while still onboard.  Well, after checking the prices of a few I found one that would work for us and it was less than 50% of the one we were currently on.  That works!  I booked it for the two of us and then we went in search of Nana.  (Hannah is still young enough that she had no idea what was happening even though I was speaking openly in front of her.)

We went down to the cabin to find Nana and I shared the exciting news!  Her reaction was exactly what I’d hoped it would be – she wanted to book for she and Papa too!!  Woo hoo!!!  Next year is their 50th Wedding Anniversary and what a wonderful way to celebrate!   We went back up to the booking desk and booked a cabin for them too!  Smile  Hannah was tired of all this booking stuff so took the opportunity to catch a nap before lunch.  I’m guessing all those late nights and days filled with swimming and play were catching up with her.


We went for lunch after this where Hannah continued to nap in my lap while Nana and I celebrated our exciting news!! 

Later that afternoon Hannah and I went to the kids club while Nana went for a walk around the ship.  She bumped into Tonya and her family and yes….they went ahead and booked the same cruise for next year too!   Yay!!!  We’ve already linked our reservations together and requested to sit together again.  IMG_2826

As the day proceeded I had a niggling that just wouldn’t go away.  I knew I needed to make one more booking and hope that it all worked out.  And…it did! 

Next year on February 20th our family will board the Disney Wonder for a 5 night cruise to Grand Cayman and Disney’s Castaway Cay, plus 2 days at sea ~ which are our favourites!  (Truly I’d be happy if we left the dock, sailed around for a week and then went back to the same port!  I know it’s not possible but the sea days are the ones we enjoyed the most!)

So here we go….Hannah and IIMG_3108

Nana and PapaIMG_3013

and…….Grandma and Grandpa!!!IMG_3014

will board the Disney Wonder and set sail for a beautiful family vacation together with Tonya and her family!

So Mickey, we’re happy to say, ‘See you real soon!!’IMG_2922


  1. Wow! I have read your Disney posts with envy! What a wonderful trip for you, Nana and Hannah! You have sure given Disney lots of great advertising. I hope your cruise next year is just as much fun.

  2. I'm speechless! Only 50% of what you paid!!!!! OMG. How do you find these wonderful deals?
    Maybe in the future you can go on a cruise during a holiday. I'm going this year for Halloween.

  3. I had a feeling that you might book on board!!!!!! Good for you. These magical years are so short and so swift!!!! I want another cruise too and came last week to booking it, but chicken out. I have to go at the expensive times! Boo hoo!

  4. Ha! Knew it!!! That is so terrific. And even more so to have the six of you going next time around. What fun that will be! You've been bitten by the cruise bug! Lol. :-)

  5. Yeah!! I'm thrilled for all you guys! I bet it made it easier leaving, knowing you could begin the countdown till your next one! Memories to treasure for a lifetime! Good grief...I'm tearing up. LOL So happy for you!!

  6. Whoo hoo! It's always good to have the next trip booked. :)

  7. Some of our best family memories are of family holidays. I am thrilled for you and Hannah that you are able to make this happen. let the countdown begin

  8. We may pass at sea! We're taking a 4 day Disney cruise starting on Feb.23 next year! We'll be in Orlando on the 20th, doing a few days at WDW before the cruise. I've never done a cruise before, not sure if I'd like the "at sea" days so decided to start off with a short one first. Glad you guys had such a good time.

  9. Hi Catherine and Hannah! I just loved reading your blog about your amazing Disney Cruise! What a fantastic week you all had! So many things brought a smile to my face, and I just loved seeing the pictures of you, Hannah and Nana throughout the week! Being a true WDW fan like you made it all the more fun for me to read I think!! Dean and I were actually on a Celebrity cruise the very same week, with a couple of the same ports, but not the same day! Oh how I would have loved to run into you and Hannah on one of the islands!! But I am now thinking we were on the wrong cruise line LOL!! Definitely putting a Disney Cruise on the bucket list after reading about yours! I think it would be the perfect holiday with the grandchildren and cousins (just need to talk Scott and Deb into it and make it a big family event!) Thanks so much for sharing it - I have read each entry a few times!! I bet you are already planning for next February - half the fun is in the planning and anticipation!


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