Friday, April 18, 2014

A Play Date with Auntie Japhia

Recently Auntie Japhia invited Hannah over for a play date and oh what fun they had!!  She’s a ‘Frozen’ fan too so we made cookies to take to her.IMG_3041_thumb

Hannah helped Auntie Japhia bake muffins that we later enjoyed for lunch.IMG_3044_thumb

Mmmm…licking the spatula.  Yum!IMG_3049

One of Mommy’s favourite parts was when Auntie Japhia asked Hannah to sign her recipe book showing that they’d made the recipe together and what date it was.  What a great idea!!IMG_3050_thumb

Auntie Japhia also had a couple crafts for Hannah to do while the muffins were in the oven.IMG_3052


One of Auntie Japhia’s piano students gave her an Anna doll that she wasn’t too sure what to do with…until Hannah came over and brought her Anna doll.IMG_3064

Thank you Auntie Japhia for inviting me over for a play date!  I had such fun with you!!  Can’t wait until we do it again!  Love, Hannah xoIMG_3061


  1. How did you make the "Frozen" cookies--love it. Always looking for ideas to share with little ones.

    1. Those are Oreos dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with blue sugar crystals. Super easy and yummy.


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