Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Fun at a Local Farm

Saturday Hannah and I went to a local farm to enjoy the many activities they offered.  We’ve been a couple of other times and always enjoyed ourselves!
We started the morning decorating an Easter basket.  It was really neat to see how Hannah chose to decorate it.  I can say it was far more creative when she did herself than it would have been if Mommy had helped!  I was impressed to see that she cut pieces of ribbons and glued them on pieces of papers to spell her name.  Yup….I wouldn’t have thought of that one!  She’s my creative girl for sure!!IMG_3312
Face painting is always a hit with Hannah.IMG_3314
She tried out a few of the riding toys.  It’s neat to see how much her coordination and strength has changed this past year.  There are scooters in the kindergarten pen at school and it seems that’s her favourite thing to do each lunch hour.IMG_3322
The kids had such fun on this slide that was bumpy on the inside.  Heehee!
We eventually took a wagon ride out to a field where the kids could visit with bunnies and gather eggs.IMG_3325
Getting comfy on the wagon rideIMG_3328
Our time at the farm was a great way to share time together celebrating spring.  Easter is a 4 day weekend for us as work is closed for both Good Friday and Easter Monday and we cherish every single moment of this time together!!  Easter 2014
And, a blast from the past…
2011Easter 2011  2yo
2012Easter 2012  3yo
2013Easter 2013  4yo
I love that while Hannah and I can enjoy time at the farm, hunting for Easter eggs and more, if you asked her what Easter was all about she would confidently tell you about Jesus dying on the cross for us and then rising 3 days later and now living in heaven with God!  Yes, she gets it and I’m so thankful we can celebrate Easter in many ways!

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