Thursday, April 03, 2014

Any Disney Cruise Questions?

I hope you enjoyed sharing our Disney Cruise with us!  It sure was fun reliving the memories as I worked on these posts.

Have you caught the Disney Cruising bug?  We sure have!!  This was us a couple of weekends ago as we dreamed of Mediterranean and Alaskan cruises we could not afford but the thankfully dreaming doesn’t cost anything!Cruise Planning..

Do you have any questions about cruising with Disney?  I’m happy to answer any that I can. 

Someone asked in a comment recently how the cruise compares to our trips to Walt Disney World.  I can honestly say that I enjoyed them both the same even though they are such different vacations.  (I’m surprised to be saying this as before we left I didn’t know what we’d possibly do to fill our days.  Heh!!!)   WDW is busy and exciting filled with rides, shows, fireworks, character greetings and much more.  Disney cruising is filled with much the same (if we consider our many rides on the AquaDuck) but in a different way.  It’s busy but in a contained way.  Both are chock full of family time which we love and is one of my favourite parts about Disney.  They do so much for us that I can leave everything else behind and just concentrate on Hannah and being with her.  Truly, that’s one of the greatest reasons I love Disney is the way is draws our family together whether it be Hannah and I alone or when we share time with the grandparents too.

What questions do you have?  LOL – are you read to book?


  1. I almost sent a message to you yesterday to say that we'd like to be adopted by your family and join you on your cruise, but had to contain myself. Would love, love, love to introduce Charlotte to cruising, but work is still a little uncertain right now. So, I will continue to dream. BTW, what kind of tablet are you using in your photo? I've been doing a lot of research--don't want to break the bank, but I also don't want to buy something low-end and end up replacing it short-term with something more expensive that I should have bought in the first place.

    1. I'm using Papa's iPad in the photo. Hannah and I don't own a tablet but if I were to buy one it would be an iPad for sure! Hopefully someday when it's in the budget.

  2. Hi Catherine,
    I'm Lisa, a friend of 4D, and I've been followiung your Blog for years and always love reading about your Disney Trips! I wanted to ask you if you thought the cruise was worth the extra expense as compared to a regular Disney vacation and/or other cruises? I priced it out once and it's just crazy expensive to me!

  3. Hi Catherine,
    It sounds like things have changed (just a little :-)) since we've been on the Disney Magic. My favorite part of each cruise always was Disney's Private Island. Always loved it there! Unfortunately, Disney cruises have become so expensive that we switched to Carnival years ago. We still get our Disney fix by visiting WDW, which is only 30 min. away.
    Orlando, FL

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  5. I have some questions.
    1. What are some of the things that were not included on your cruise and you had to pay extra for? Is the spa included?
    2. What did you enjoy most about the cruise?
    3. How does the dinning with another family work? I never heard of this.

  6. Do you know if there were any make a wish kids on your cruise?

  7. I've loved following along on your cruise. Would you recommend a Disney cruise for a couple without kids or even for a single person?
    Many thanks,

  8. Just wanted to say that we have LOVED following you Disney Cruise.DD #2 desperately wants to try it too! It must be fantastic to have an almost full year to look forward to your NeXT Disney adventure. Thank you for letting us follow along....


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