Saturday, April 26, 2014

Good Friday 2014

Hannah and I shared an amazing Easter weekend together!  It began Friday morning when we went to the Good Friday service at church.  I attended a musical that was outstanding and Hannah went to a special Sunday School class where she was reminded of Jesus dying on the cross and then rising again 3 days later!

After church we headed to my parent’s place where we celebrated Easter with them, my bothers and their families.  Hannah, Makenna and Keenan ready for the hunt to begin!  IMG_3207

Kallen said, ‘I may be little but I’m all set too!’IMG_3208

Triple checking is always a good option!  (Look at the grass…there are little bits of green in it!  Wheee!)IMG_3233

Found one!IMG_3223

Me too!IMG_3215

The girls decided Easter dinner was best enjoyed with tea.IMG_3246

Kallen decided instead of eating his yogurt he would make a bunny nose with it!IMG_3252

At one point all was quiet….too quiet.  Dad found Kallen.  Hmmm…I wonder where he’d been?IMG_3254

Once again the girls played with their kiddie make-up.  I’d like to say their skills are improving but yah, not yet! Winking smile  (And yes, this is outfit number 3 of the day if we’re counting)IMG_3255

After a day of play what better way to end it than in Grandma and Grandpa’s bubble tub?IMG_3265


  1. Looks like you had a great Good Friday with your family! The tub pic is too cute!! And, Makenna's hat! I'd wear that everywhere! ;)

  2. What a great day! Love the relationship Hannah has with Makenna. Beautiful!


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