Thursday, December 19, 2013

School Christmas Concert

Last night was Hannah’s first Primary School Christmas Concert and she was beyond excited!  Add to that the 6 late night’s we’ve had in a row and this was what I saw much of the time we were waiting for her to go to her classroom.IMG_1778

Yes, she was a dancing, twirling ball of energy but I wasn’t taking her to the classroom 1 minute early because I knew her teachers were going to have to tame 22 of these cuties while they awaited their time on stage!

My little miss did eventually pause for 1 pic to humour mommy and thankfully it turned out beautifully!IMG_1779

I am thankful that even though the concert is officially called a ‘Holiday Concert’ that the evening was filled with all sorts of Christmas pieces (Silent Night, Good King Wenceslas), fun Christmas songs like We Wish You a Merry Christmas and more as well as neat songs like Dradel, Dradel and Hannah’s classes song called ‘I’m a Little Latke!’  Cute!

This is their first song and  it made me giggle when Hannah’s buddy E lost his costume.  She was all about checking it out and I could see the wheels turning.  She was problem solving just like they talk about in school!  Heh!  Thankfully all was well in the end.  (I accidentally thought the song was finished so you get this one in 2 videos.)

Their 3rd song was a Santa Rap. 

Hannah has a great teacher and is loving school!  Thank you Mrs. C and Miss H. for all you are teaching Hannah and the other children in her class!!  She is excited to go to school each day and I’m excited to find out all she is learning!  The other night we were talking about something and she suddenly came out with, ‘It’s okay mommy.  Don’t be frightened.  The story is only fiction.  It’s not real.  Fiction means it’s made up.’  Wow!!  I know for sure that ‘fiction’ wasn’t in my vocabulary at 4!


  1. Hi Catherine & Hannah
    I just wanted to wish you both a really lovely Christmas. May it be wonderful for both of you and full of great food, wonderful company and of course a few surprises for Hannah, and not to mention wonderful memories.
    I have enjoyed reading about your adventures this year. You both have such a wonderful life together. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love the Dreidel song!


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