Monday, December 16, 2013

Hannah’s First Piano Recital!!

Tonight was a big night for my little girl!  She has worked really hard this fall learning the initial basics of playing the piano and tonight she shared her music at Nana’s piano recital for the very first time!

Jolly Old Saint Nicholas

I have been so happy with Hannah and her desire to learn to play.  She’s only had 5 or 6 lessons but tonight confidently got up and played her piece for all who were there.  She is learning from the best piano teacher there is – her Nana!  Sharon was my teacher too and she is an amazing pianist and teacher!  IMG_1767

Each day she is happy to practice and it’s often Hannah that says, ‘Mommy, lets go practice piano!’  We’ve had to play around with the best time that works for us and it’s a toss-up between early morning and as soon as we get home from daycare.  Depending on the day we switch between those 2 times and she does well. 

We’ve had our moments of practice challenge  SmileIMG_0177 photobut most days it goes well.  

Hannah you played so well and Mommy is so proud of you!!  May you have many years of beautiful music ahead of you!

PS – I went down to change the laundry tonight and this is what I found.  It looks like Bobble Chippey was encouraged to play after listening to Hannah tonight!IMG_1770


  1. The practice challenge pics are the best! Ha! I love when they find an activity that they both love and are self motivated to practice!! That's a difficult combo to find at their age!! Marin's best love is dance. Now hockey....that currently falls strongly into the practice challenge camp! Ha!

  2. When did you learn to play the piano?

    1. I learned to play as an adult. It was then that I took an interest in it so I got a second job and purchased my piano. It was a great decision for so many reasons!

  3. Great job Hannah! so proud of you :)

  4. Yay, Hannah, congratulations on playing at your very first piano recital! You did very, very well! Catherine, you must have been bursting with pride. What a moment!


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