Monday, December 30, 2013

A Couple of Christmas Morning Videos

I didn’t have these uploaded when I put up the original post but wanted to share them as they capture Hannah’s sweet personality so well.  I love her excitement and caring heart!

Helping Mommy open the sweet gift she made at school.


  1. Belated Merry Christmas to you and Hannah! On top of the ice storm, we battled computer problems and the flu. I am the last to recover, but just barely. Today is the first day in over a week that I've been able to access my e-mail, so lots to catch up on.

    Loved reading all about your Christmas adventures. I love the Christmas present sweet Hannah made for you--very precious. It also made me realize that Charlotte didn't make anything at school this year for us--I'm really disappointed with the lack of paper items she brings home from school. I know she's just in JK, but in nursery school, I was used to Charlotte brining home at least 2 items every day. I've tried to keep everything, which makes for a bit of a storage issue, so for that I'm thankful that she doesn't bring home reams of stuff, but there could be a little more (sorry for the rant). One day she did bring home a Menorah that she coloured. Seeing Hannah's beautiful little project made with her feet drove this sadness straight to my heart.

    I think I may have told you that we attended Charlotte's winter, not Christmas, concert--apparently, only 30% of her school is Christian. Why is it that we always have to compromise our beliefs for others--the whole reason we have this break in the school year is to celebrate "Christ"mas. If the system wants to be fair, then all religious holidays should be acknowledged and celebrated, within reason.

  2. Love Hannah's gift! What a neat idea. Unfortunately I can't seem to see certain videos on my phone at the moment and can't figure out why so I can only see the freeze frame pic. Most frustrating!


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