Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Shared with Family 2013

After a wonderful morning together Hannah and I packed up the car and headed to my mom and dad’s to spend time with the rest of the family.  As usual we were the last to arrive.  How can it be it takes me longer to get 2 people ready than it does either of them with their large families??IMG_1858

It was easy to see that Santa had made his stop at mom and dad’s too as my little nephew Kallen (showing his Auntie his new 14 month old walking skills!) checked out the stockings placed by the chimney with care.IMG_1861

My brother Dave donned his Santa hat son IMG_1863and began handing out the gifts.  I love that our family tradition even with so many people is to still have 1 person open a gift at a time so that we can all enjoy sharing the excitement!

Some candid shots of enjoying this time together.  Left to right:  niece Bec, nephew Kallen, amazing Hannah, niece Makenna and SIL TrishIMG_1870

Mom, niece Shelby and nephew KeenanIMG_1872

Niece Brook and SIL AleshaIMG_1875


We were sorry that my niece Laken, nephews Josh, Justin and Noah and my brother Ken couldn’t be with us but hopefully next year!

Makenna enjoyed the Rapunzel hat Grandma and Grandpa carefully brought home from FL IMG_1871and Dave is excited to try out his new fishing rod when the ice melts and spring arrives.IMG_1865

By far the gift of the day was the gift Dad gave to Mom.  Suffice to say all the women in the room were crying as she opened it!!

Mom and Dad enjoyed their most favourite holiday together when they went to Hawaii for their 25th anniversary.  They had always wanted to go back but it had just never happened.  They celebrated their 55th anniversary last year and had hoped to go back to Hawaii but once again it just hadn’t happened.  Dad took care of all this and they leave on Feb 18th for a 15 day Hawaiian cruise!!  We are all excited for them!

After the gifts were opened we shared a delicious turkey dinner together and then went our separate ways.  Hannah and I headed to Nana and Papa’s for our annual Christmas Night time together.  By this point my little love was waning in energy so napped a bit in the car.  She cuddled in with Nana and Papa as we shared about our days.IMG_1879


I love how these pictures happened to capture Hannah’s current comfort habit of rubbing our thumbs.  When she’s with me, mom, dad, Nana or Papa she loves to rub our thumbs as a comfort.  (She has declared Mommy has one nice ‘thumby’ and one cranky one and definitely prefers my right thumb.  Lol!)  This started a few months back and now happens numerous times each day and oh how we love it!

After a while she was ready for more gift opening.  This bag is almost as big as she is!IMG_1882

Hannah and I enjoyed all of the gifts we received and were blessed beyond measure!  Sharon and Larry gave me a Pandora bracelet for my birthday and this Christmas I received 3 new charms, each with special meaning, to add to it.  Mom and Dad added the heart with ‘Love’ written in Chinese.  Dave and Trish (who share our love for Disney) added the Mickey charm and Sharon, Larry and Hannah added the ‘Mom’ charm.  I love how each charm holds such precious meaning and the stories I think of each time I look at this beautiful gift!IMG_1901

We love our family and the special time Christmas allows us to share together as we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus!


  1. Your mom's reaction was beautiful. Your dad is so sweet. How hard was it for you not to be able to talk about your own cruise???

    1. It was tough for sure!! When Hannah wasn't around we'd talk about it a little bit, especially as we'll both be on our cruises at the same time.

      I think I'll be telling Hannah sometime in January, I just haven't decided exactly how or when.

  2. Beautiful! What a lovely surprise! I am amazed you've managed to keep your cruise quiet from Hannah. The countdown is on! Not much longer now at all! I'm excited for the big reveal. ;-)

  3. How sweet! I just love your parents :) I can't believe they put on a Christmas like that with all those stockings! I get tired filling 5 of them.

  4. I almost cried watching your mom open her present! What and awesome and sweet family you have :)

  5. What a fun Christmas! Your mom is darling. Did she say they'd better be back for Hannah's birthday? That's so sweet!

    1. You're right Circe, she did say that. Sweet! On the side I reminded her that we would be away for Hannah's birthday, celebrating on board Disney's Fantasy so all was good! We'll celebrate Hannah, Rebecca and my Dad's birthdays when we get home. The spring is full of family birthdays for us.

  6. You and Hannah truly are blessed, you are surrounded by so much love - the love you have for each other, as well as the love of dear family and friends! Happy New Year to you and your darling daughter!


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