Saturday, December 07, 2013

Mommy! Bobble Chippey Came Back!!

Monday morning Hannah woke up to a special surprise provided by none other than ‘Bobble Chippey!’  She first woke up o find a path of Hershey kisses leading from her bed to the main floor.

IMG_1626Once down there it was clear to see that good ole Bobble Chippey was back!  Wheee! 

A tradition Bobble Chippey started last year was decorating our kitchen table and setting out breakfast for us so he did that again this year.  Thanks BC!IMG_1625


Bobble Chippey is a fun little guy who spends the day in our home watching all the wonderful things that Hannah does!  Each night he flies back to the North Pole and tells Santa what a good little girl she is and then flies back and finds a new place to hide.  Here are his hiding places so far this year.

In the bookcaseIMG_1648

Hanging from a picture in the hallwayIMG_1649

In the spare toilet paper rollElf 1

Watching Hannah sleepElf 2

and finally wearing Hannah’s gymnastics outfit.  This one concerned her a little bit as she can’t touch him so wasn’t sure what she would wear to gymnastics this morning but I was allowed to gently lift him out of the outfit and set him on the floor again.  (Hannah isn’t supposed to touch him.  This is the first year that she’s picked up on this and now takes it quite seriously.)Elf 3

This sweet little guy is a treat to have in our home this Christmas season as I watch her face light up each morning as she searches for him and them grins when she finds him!


  1. Hm, I like that toilet paper roll idea -- I think that's where our little dude is heading tonight... Thanks! ;-)

    Happy Holidays!

  2. we have been having a lot of fun with our elf too. Tate has renamed her elf from Sparkle to Snowflake. We will be doing the watching tate sleep and tp roll soon.

  3. We have been having a lot of fun this year with our Elf.... Tate has changed her name from Sparkle to Snowflake. TP roll will be coming up soon.

  4. In general, I'm not a big fan of Elf on the Shelf. But I love the way you emphasized how BC reports what a good girl she is! So many of my friends say, "Elf on the Shelf will tell Santa all the bad things you do!" Makes him seem scary, but I'm glad Hannah's Bobble Chippey is kind.

  5. I didn't have much luck with the elf last year--Charlotte didn't buy into it. We even watched the video a couple of times to try to engage her in the whole idea, but without luck. I put him away in a special spot--now, I have to remember where that is. Yikes!

  6. How fun! We are doing elf on a shelf too, but so far I think your elf is a lot more creative than ours! Awesome. She is so cute. Her little face and voice is so pure and innocent.

  7. Love your annual breakfast. What a nice tradition!


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