Sunday, May 05, 2013

So Grown Up! Hannah's 4yo Eye Check-up

In the past Hannah always sat on my lap for her eye check-ups but this year before I even walked into the office she'd hopped up in the chair on her own.  So grown up!

Last year the doctor asked Hannah to identify pictures but this year she progressed to letters and numbers because my 4yo girl knows those now.  Way to go Hannah!

She did very well and her eyes are the same as they were last year which I'm thankful for.  She's a little far sighted which she may need help with correcting in the future but for now she does not require glasses.   Hannah's favourite part of the trip to the eye doctor is the treat she earns at the end of the visit.  That's my chocolate lovin' gal!


  1. Great job on your appointment Hannah!!!
    I wish I got chocolate at my visits, instead of dialated eyes ;)

  2. So cute and what a big girl! I am afraid to take Maylin to the eye doctor. She wants glasses so badly that I think she would say the wrong letters on purpose.


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