Friday, May 31, 2013

First School Supplies

For a couple of months now Hannah has been saying that she wants a Princess lunch box when she goes to ‘big girl school.’  Since she will be going all day, every day she will take lunch and snacks with her each day.

Saturday when we were at the mall (one of her favourite places to go!) we saw this lunch bag and immediately she knew it was the one for her!  As I was paying for it I noticed the matching back pack so picked that up at the same time.  I guessed if I waited they might not be there so was glad to pick them up when we saw them.




She was so proud and wore them out of the store…and everywhere else we went the entire day!  So grown up and yet still my baby girl!


  1. You make me smile! I can feel your love for each other- nothing better than that.

  2. Smart Mama! You are right! Those would have been gone closer to school starting. Just ask my nephew who went to Kindergarten last year with a non-matching lunch box & backpack! :)

  3. Tip from a kindergarten teacher---if she'll be responsible for taking her own snacks out each day, put them somewhere other than the main compartment of her lunchbox. School will be a big adventure for her, with lots of rules and procedures to learn. Her brain will be full :). If the snacks are mixed in with lunch, trust me, she will get confused. I've had kids think they didn't have snack, that it was all snack or try to use their main dish (like sandwich) for snack.

  4. Hannah's smile in the first pic melts my heart. She so beautiful. I love the Cinderella set she got. Mine was winnie the pooh and I remember how much I treasured it, keeping it safe for when school started. As for the lunch bag just don't do what my mother did and have her sandwich in the bottom getting squashed. lol

  5. As I mentioned a few entries ago, she is so ready. How are you doing????

  6. So cute! The backpack is almost as big as her! Love it!

  7. It's only fitting the princess be decked out in princess accessories :)


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