Saturday, May 11, 2013

A Long Overdue Weekend with the Family!

Last weekend my parents, niece Rebecca, Hannah and I loaded into the van and took the 4 1/2 hour 8 hour drive to visit our extended family.  It was wonderful!!
Due to illness and a storm at Christmas, for the first time in 40 years we missed our trip to visit the family so we were excited for this visit.

Friday we were with Uncle Paul and Aunt Louise's family.  My cousin's little guy is just 4 months younger than Hannah and the two of them get along famously and picked up where they left off last year! 

Bec was a great help with the kiddos and they thought she was amazing!

Mom and Dad offered to watch Hannah for me for a few hours so that I could go out with my cousins to see '42 - The Jackie Robinson Story'.  It was a great movie and we had such fun together!  Going to the movies is one of my favourite activities and I don't get to go often so this evening with Aaron and Candace was a special treat.

Saturday we hopped across the border and enjoyed some shopping.

Saturday night we went to Uncle Tim and Aunt Chris' and I was thrilled to spend time with my cousin Bridget.  She's my fellow Disney lovin' cousin so we always have much to talk about.  Bridget and I have never lived closer than about 4 hours away from one another but we're super close and I cherish the bits of time that we get to spend together.
Now Bridget and I are excited to see that the next generation in Rebecca and Bridget's daughter Molly are wonderful friends too!
Bridget's kiddos are baseball players and Hannah had fun learning a bit about the game from them this weekend.
 Good throw baby!

A wonderful weekend filled with the love of family.  Perfect!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! And Miss H is looking so grown up!

  2. Happy Mother's Day Catherine!! I'm sure you will get lots of extra hugs and kisses from Hannah!!I made some awesome Mickey cookies for today and know you would love them too! Wish you were closer to share! HUGS!~Kristina

  3. Love Hannah's yellow and white outfit! I have followed your blog since before you got Hannah and it is fun to be able to follow along and see the progression of her growing up! Have 2 China granddaughters so it is fun to see others!
    Bless you both!


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