Thursday, May 30, 2013

4 is Such a Fun Age!!

Check out these fun pics I’ve captured over the past few weeks.  This is my girlie just being herself.  I am blessed beyond measure to be able to enjoy her and her silliness every single day!


I could take out shares in scotch tape!  I buy the no-name stuff in bulk.IMG_1329

She makes us breakfast on a regular basis.IMG_1327

Helping choose plants for Nana’s garden.IMG_1302

Wearing the crayon bowl on her head.IMG_1262

Nutella faceIMG_1260

Trying out the swings at Auntie Deb and Uncle Scott’s cottageIMG_1223

Ready for a road trip with Sparkles and Baby SparklesIMG_1216

Riding on Papa’s shouldersIMG_1161

Playing the Princess Game with her little friends.  LOL – Check out their jewels!IMG_1128

Wearing a beach ball on her headIMG_1093

Tissues (aka – toi1et paper) at the ready for her runny allergy nose.IMG_1281

On a similar theme, wearing torn napkins on her head when we were out for breakfast.IMG_1040

I am SO blessed!  This is just a snippet of life with Hannah XiaoFen over the month of May.  She is nothing short of wonderful and so much fun!


  1. She is so blessed to have you for her mom! You make a perfect family. God has blessed you both!

  2. What a sweet, fun little girl you have :)

  3. I agree~ 4 is such a FUN age!



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