Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day Gifts from the Heart

Hannah was beyond excited about Mother's Day!!  She began working on surprises more than 3 weeks before the day and my adorable girlie kept every one of them!  Beginning about 5 days before Mother's Day she would wake up and ask how many more days until Mother's Day?

Being a single Mommy, I have always been blessed by many helping Hannah to creates special moments to help us celebrate Mother's Day and this year was no exception.  I cannot tell you how much each and every one of these special treats meant!

Friday Hannah came home from daycare with sweet little paper flower pots that she had created at both preschool and daycare.  (LOL!  You can tell when something is hot on Pinterest.  They both made the same thing was the same thing I had already planned Hannah would make for Grandma, Nana and Grandma Dale!)  And....we all loved it!!  (Heh.  I had to giggle at what Hannah told her teacher about why she loves Mommy.  Hmmmm.... ;o)

She also made this sweet little flower pot at Ange's.  Love the cute little butterfly made using her footprints.

Sunday morning I woke up to adorable gifts that Hannah had chosen when Grandma took her out shopping a couple of times.  Mom said my little love took 2 hours to carefully wrap her gifts Thursday evening and she couldn't have been more proud.

 The gifts Hannah chose for Mommy - a vase with a pink rose, hair jewels (since she noticed I didn't have any), nail polish, a 'M' for Mommy to put on my keychain and a pink 'flute'.  I love how she chose the pink theme.  She said it was because she knew I liked pink.  How sweet of her to think of that!

On the Saturday evening, Nana had requested Hannah visit she and Papa for an hour.  Check this out!  It says, 'I love you to the moon and back.   Love, Hannah'

A couple of weeks earlier when Hannah was helping Papa with the dishes she stood on her tippy toes and reached up to the sky.  Sharon asked me to take a picture of her and send it.  I guessed it was for Mother's Day but had no idea what for.  Love what they made together!

Hannah, Mommy loves you so very, very much!  Thank you for all your beautiful gifts but most of all, thank you for being you!  You are the sweetest, most loving, caring, wonderful little girl and Mommy loves you to the moon and back too!


  1. All those gifts are so very precious but the one with her standing and reaching for the moon just made me get all teary very very sweet. hannah is a very sweet little girl because her Mummy is a very sweet lady.

  2. The poster reminds me of the book "Papa Please get the Moon for Me" (or something like that), have you guys read that?

  3. Lovely! I really need to get on the Pinterest bandwagon. There are so many fantastic ideas!

  4. Yes, I got teary when I saw the picture with her and the moon, so precious! You had a great day! Happy Mother's Day!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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