Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Yikes!! She Didn’t!!

Yup…she did!IMG_0744

While Mommy had the audacity to use the bathroom, Hannah cut her own hair!  I didn’t notice when I spoke with her but then walked into the kitchen and saw this on the floorIMG_0743

and then this in the garbage.IMG_0746

I’ll admit that I had joked on other blogs in the past that I was sure it was only a matter of time before Hannah cut her own hair but still – I was shocked and she quickly found herself in timeout. (see pic above)  Mommy needed time to  breathe and calm down.  It wasn’t so much to the fact that her hair was cut but the disappointment that she had done this when each time she’d had her hair cut we’d talked about only Mommy and Miss Ruth Anne cutting her hair.  I also found myself smiling (not when she could see) as really, it was only a matter of time!  It’s almost a right of passage for little girls as so many of them do this!  My niece cut her bangs super short the week before kindergarten.

The funny part (I can laugh about it now) is that earlier that day she had offered to make breakfast for us.   A few minutes after she went downstairs I heard, ‘Mommy!  HELP!!’  at which point I raced down the stairs.   I was met by my adorable little girl surrounded by a milk flood.  The milk bag (I know, crazy eh?!  See this link for more about our milk that is purchased in bags) needed to be replaced which meant it also needed to be opened.IMG_0737

Normally we put the bag into the container pictured above and then open the corner of the bag using scissors.  At the time she said, ‘I know I’m not allowed to touch the scissors.’ so she got creative!  (Wish she’d remembered about not touching the scissors 5 hours later!!)  I asked her out of curiosity what she’d used to open the milk.  Why – a chopstick of course!!  LOL!  I wasn’t in the room but I’m pretty sure the first hole she impaled into the bag that was laying on the counter was okay but then the second stab turned the first one into a small milk fountain!!  Oye!!  Thankfully she called me quickly as the flood was heading to my new computer that was only hours old and wasn’t even out of the box yet!IMG_0738

So….at 8am she remembered she wasn’t supposed to touch the scissors.  At 1pm – not so much.

Needless to say, ‘quiet time’ went out the window and instead we made our way to a children’s hair salon since Miss Ruth Ann was on vacation.  I sometimes trim her bangs but wasn’t sure about this cut as we attempted to blend in the short bit without cutting it all as short as her personal trim job. 

I think she looks absolutely adorable in her new slightly shorter cut!IMG_0761

And so, scissors are in timeout for the month of April which is tough for my crafty girl. 

But, if I were being totally honest the big question would be, ‘How long will it be until I’m posting another “Yikes!  She Didn’t”’ post!  I’m hoping never but with my spunky kiddo, who knows?  After all, school picture day is just a few weeks away and kiddos seem to be infamous for cutting their own hair right before picture day. 

Shhhh….I’m not telling Hannah that.  She’s more focused on counting down the days until it’s May and her beloved scissors are back!  I know she’s learned her lesson and was immediately sorry for what she’d done.

Did you do this as a kiddo?  I’ll have to ask my Mom!


  1. My mom's very close friend had twin girls who were almost bald for the longest time. Finally at about 2 yrs of age they had just enough hair to put into tiny pigtails. She came over to visit and my brother cut both girls pigtails off. My mom was mortified, but her friend was very understanding.

  2. What was her story about cutting her hair?

    1. Her answer was 'It was too long' and I can almost picture how it happened.

      When I left the room she was trying to pull apart a couple of things that were stuck to one another and had them close to her face to see if she could figure out how to separate them. I'm guessing her hair fell into her way one too many times and she thought, 'It's too long. It's in my way. I'll fix that!' I often keep the left side of her hair pulled up in an elastic but the right hangs free. I'm guessing that's how it happened.

  3. Oh, so much funny-ness! The milk and the chopstick...the scissors and the hair! Yeah, we've been THERE a few times! I have a funny story about when I cut my own bangs at age ELEVEN because I wanted to look like Olivia Newton John. Then I thought my mom would be mad (she wouldn't have been!), so I ripped the bangs out. Yes. Ripped them out, thinking they would never grow back. Ironically, my mom never even noticed the little stubble growing in along my forehead. So if I was that dumb at 11, I guess it's understandable my kids would cut their own hair at 3 or 4.

    It's funnier when it's YOUR child, though! hee hee :)

  4. LOL. I love her new do, the post hair salon one!. Poor baby in time out. I know I know I would and did the same but seeing it here...well ya know.
    The chopstick and the milk bag story got me more than the hair.

    Lily cut hers for the same reason Hannah did. She was 3 or 4 at the time also and due to Wilma or Katrina wehad no power. It was early in the morning and a little dark, she was colouring or something and she hair was in the way so she .....removed it. It was just a bit, not to bad!

    Oddly enough during homework the other night Rosie had to cut and paste and she said, Oh, I just cut my hair by mistake, I flew to the table but it was just one strand.

  5. You had quite an eventful day, didn't you? LOL! I have been there!! Briana cut her own hair two years ago - age 4! (Good grief our kids are so alike.) I thought that MY kid would never do anything like that. Yeah right. She totally did. Hee, hee! Maybe they just need to get it out of their systems!!! ;)

    She looks super cute with her new haircut!

  6. Dear Anonymous, She is standing on our couch.

  7. When i was 4 years old i cut my own hair, a huge chunk out of the side, then i proceeded to cut my twin brother's hair on top it lol.
    Needless to say, i remember getting spanked and sent to my room haha

  8. It's a good thing she cut her hair otherwise she wouldn't have gotten such a cute haircut in the end. Love the last pic.

  9. Yikes! Too funny. They always find a way to surprise us don't they? My little moppet actually cut MY hair while I was napping a few years ago. She had heard me say I needed to get my hair cut and thought she would just help Momma out. Oh my! What a startling way to wake up. In the end it is just hair that will grow back. Little hearts are so much more important. Hannah is lucky to have a Mommy who takes such care to guard her heart.

  10. Oh my! Yikes is right! Her new do is adorable. I think I would have had to put myself in time out for fear of losing it! ;-) I don't recall ever cutting my own hair but know of a friend who cut off both her ponytails right at the top because her dad had put them in too tightly. Can you imagine?!? Now THAT'S drastic!

  11. You made the best of it and she has a great new haircut - very CUTE!
    (thanks for commenting on my blog, and, no, not retired yet, maybe in a year. I just met the minimum age so was celebrating. After working for a company for over 28 years, it's about time!)

    Alyzabeth's Mommy


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