Saturday, April 13, 2013

An Easter Trip to the Safety Village

This year I was keeping my eyes open for a new Easter activity and was happy when Norma mentioned something was happening at the safety village.  There was no gymnastics due to Easter so Hannah and I were able to share a rare relaxed Saturday morning together and then make our way to the village.

There were some cute little games like toss the beanbag at the bunny tail plus a few others.  The day really is designed for toddler – age 8 and it was such fun for Hannah!IMG_0640

An egg hunt is always a treat.IMG_0643

Hannah is a gal who enjoys getting her face painted so it’s a treat she enjoys every opportunity she gets.  This time she was a cute (and serious) little bunny.IMG_0646

Riding the jeep was a treat for sure!IMG_0652

Watch out Mommy!  (Yikes!  A peek into my future 12 years from now?)

We had a fun morning together and it was nice to find something new to do at Easter.   The other thing I appreciated was that because it was at the safety village there were lots of opportunities to learn too.  There was information from Neighbourhood Watch, the firefighters and we also found out later that there was a good bike helmet demo that we missed.  |Norma said all 4 of her grandchildren went home and immediately adjusted their bank helmets based on that they’d learned.  We’ll look for that next time for sure!

When we left the safety village we headed to Grandma and Grandpa’s to enjoy our family Easter dinner.  First up was the egg hunt. IMG_0669

At Grandma’s house the kiddos go out based on age.  Hannah is the youngest so was first out and I love how this video demonstrates her thought to leave some of the eggs for cousins who were coming behind her.

It was quite funny since there was still snow on the ground due to our long delayed Spring yet it was a little warmer so my niece was wearing shorts.  Ah – teens!IMG_0672

The girls enjoying their candies.  This Easter we were happy to have a couple of Rebecca’s friends join us for the afternoon.  I love that my niece and her friends are still young enough to enjoy this fun tradition even though they will be going to high school next year.IMG_0678

When we got back home that evening we continued a cute tradition that we started last year.   (These pics also showed me how far behind our spring is this year even though it was only one week later last year).

Step 1:  Plant jelly beansIMG_0682 IMG_0683 

And the next morning… IMG_0731


More Easter fun to come.


  1. Ha ha , I love that tradition. You really are so much fun. I swear I am going to end up driving to Ca just to meet you one day. LOL

    Hannah is always so thoughtful, a reflection of her mummy.

    Doesn't it amaze you that they jump into a jeep and drive and actually do really well. I mean I think at that age I would have ploughed over everyone and thing.

  2. I have been following your blog for a while and really enjoy it. You seem to be a wonderful mother and Hannah is super adorable.

  3. Oh my gosh, how cute! the jelly beans grow a sucker. Ruby and I are chuckling!

  4. I LOVE how thoughtful Hannah is. What a gem! And planting jelly beans? A riot - what a super idea!

  5. Hi Catherine and Hannah:) I have been following your blog for awhile now, and i love reading about your life as Hannah's moma! I am looking for canadaian bloggy friends to connect with, and i have been meaning to comment on thsi for awhile now. Please come and check out my blog, or add me on Facebook,

  6. She really is such a sweet and thoughtful little girl, you have brought her up so well!
    Oh, I remember the planting of the jelly beans last year. And I still think it's a fun idea :)


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