Tuesday, April 09, 2013

And We’re Back!

Whew!  We’re back in the land of blogging.  Yay!

When the power button went on my netbook I was stumped.  Thankfully there are only about 10 days of photos that need to be downloaded from it and I have a friend who is going to help me with that.  Thanks Shawn!

I was able to keep in touch and read blogs via the iPod but it wasn’t conducive to blogging.  My desktop bit the dust more than a year ago so I used the netbook almost exclusively.  I wasn’t sure how I’d purchase a new computer but then creativity set in and voila – a new little computer.  I earn points by banking and shopping at a financial institution that is linked with my favourite grocery chain.  I had points saved up just in case we went on strike (Thankfully we settled in January so that is behind me for another 2 years – phew!!  Thank you Lord!) so started looking there as I’d purchased a TV from them with points in the past.  It wasn’t going to work since they don’t carry computers.  Too bad!

Then, as we were grocery shopping I saw our solution!  I was walking through the store when I noticed they carried Best Buy gift cards.  Voila!  PC points used to purchase Best Buy gift cards which in turn were used to purchase the netbook.

Ahh…so nice to be back in the land of blogging and preserving memories for my sweet girl and myself!


  1. Clever you! And it's our gain too.

  2. Yeah! Glad to see you back, have missed your posts. Very good thinking on your part on how to purchase. Happy blogging again.

  3. Very clever, my friend! Very clever indeed!!!
    Glad you're back. I missed my Hannah updates!

  4. That stinks! But yes, very good thinking on how to obtain another one.


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