Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Flu :o(

I must say that we’ve been blessed that Hannah has survived the first 4 years of her life without having the flu.But, that changed on the weekend.  It’s going around our area and hit the daycare last week so it wasn’t a complete surprise when Hannah got it too.  Sickness and kids just go together although she’s a pretty healthy kiddo except for the odd cold and ear infection.

Saturday I was out with my niece for the day and Hannah enjoyed a fun-filled day with my parents.  She was great when we first said goodbye to them but by supper time she was running a fever, was a little sluggish and said her tummy was feeling sick.  We passed on supper and enjoyed a quiet evening together playing games, reading stories and watching parts of Toy Story.  (Hannah is still quite reserved when it comes to what she’ll watch and I fully support that.  We fast-forwarded through large portions of the movie and I think in total we watched it ‘all’ in about 30 mins.  Heh!  That works for her so it works perfectly for mommy too!)

Saturday night I was putting her to bed and holding her while we said our bedtime prayers when she ‘erupted!’ Oye!!  She handled this new experience really well and laughed when I popped her back in the tub when she’d only been out for a few minutes.  I quickly cleaned us both up, remade the bed, added her Nemo bucket to the friends on our bed (there was room since her favourite friend Sparkles hadn’t fared so well earlier!) and put her down again.  Understandably it took her a bit to settle but once she did she slept peacefully all night.  I stayed up with her for quite a while and then kept the monitor on when I was downstairs but that was it.  One set of explosions and my kiddo was done with that.  Phew!  I kept the bucket close and jumped each time she coughed but all in all it was a quiet night.  Thank you Lord!

Sunday morning after checking and finding out that she still had a temp, I quickly decided that we’d stay home for the day.  I called the church to cancel my nursery duty and also let Papa know that we wouldn’t be at their place for lunch.  Hannah was feeling much better but I didn’t want to risk her suddenly being sick again or giving this bug to anyone else.  There were tears from my sweetie when she found out we weren’t going to Nana and Papa’s but it was one of those times when Mommy had to do what she believed was right.

Once the meds kicked in and her fever began to go down Hannah was ready for some quiet fun.  We declared it a pj day for both of us  and I purposely kept food bland for both of us.  I didn’t want to risk giving her something that might upset her stomach nor did I want to cook anything that would smell up the house.  Food smells with the flu just don’t jive!

I’ll say we watched more Disney Jr. than this mommy cares to ever watch again in one sitting!  Thankfully most of the shows aren’t too annoying to watch and if they helped Hannah, that was all I wanted.  We spent a few hours with her cuddled up in my lap which was a nice side-effect to her sickness.   When she was feeling better she moved over to her craft area. IMG_0831

I laughed when she asked me to cut something out for her (her scissors are still in timeout until May) and she showed up like this:IMG_0834

LOL!  She was making sure she didn’t touch the scissors.

The picture and video below still make me laugh and I’m glad I finally remembered to capture this game!

Hannah can:

  • count to 29
  • recognize the entire alphabet and write most of the letters from memory
  • logically explain how to get around our resort at Disney
  • remember details about events that happened more then 2 years ago but…

she still thinks she’s ‘hiding’ and I can’t find her in this picture.  HEH!!!IMG_0836

I lost track of the number of times we played this game.

Oh how I love my kiddo!!!

The final tip to me that she was still not 100% came about 2:00 in the afternoon.  She was once again snuggled in my lap when she looked up at me and asked to go to bed!  That spoke volumes and within minutes of her head hitting the pillow she was fast asleep.  We kept Nemo close to be safe but thankfully her bout of throwing up Saturday evening was the only time it happened.  So thankful for that!IMG_0835

Hannah handled this so well and was a trooper through it.  Today she was pretty much back to normal although still has a fever and a number of times this evening complained that her ear was hurting. 

Tomorrow’s adventure – another trip to the doctor?  *sigh!*  Time will tell.


  1. Oh, poor little thing! But I love it when they're the kind of sick where they snuggle and then go to bed in the middle of the afternoon! I hope she feels better. It cracks me up that kids think they're hiding. It's the funniest. The picture of Hannah made me laugh out loud. And, I love the aquarium idea. I might have to steal it for my summer art camp!

  2. So sorry hannah is'n't well. Poor little pickle. Hope she doesn't have another ear infection.

    Hugs and get well wishes abound from our house to yours.

  3. Poor baby. I hope she is feeling all better SOON! And that YOU don't get it.


  4. Sorry we shared the flu with Hannah, but glad she is feeling better. Fingers crossed she doesn't have another ear infection.

    1. Oh friend! Sickness just happens. I'm sure Hannah has shared her fair share of germs with your 3 sweeties. If only they could learn to share their toys quite as well! :o)

      She didn't say anything about her ears at all this morning so I'm going to wait and see if she says anything later before taking her in.

  5. Healthy, sweet, smart, and beautiful - what a blessing!

  6. Poor baby. Hopefully she will go awhile before another bug gets her. She is so cute. That last picture is priceless. Love the band aid on her finger.

  7. Poor little sweetheart :( That's no fun! But I bet snuggles and mommy time were the perfect cure! Okay, maybe the meds and a little Disney magic helped too ;)


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