Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hannah’s Artzooka Aquarium

We recently found a new TV show called Artzooka and my craft loving girl is trying new things after watching each episode!

Recently they showed how to make an aquarium using a plastic veggie container and since we’d had salad for supper that night we were all set.   (Unfortunately I can’t find a link to the instructions but will do my best to describe the steps she took.)IMG_0777

We picked up a few colours of tissue paper, watered down some white glue and were ready to go.  IMG_0764

Using tiny squares of the hot pink and navy blue tissue paper they were glued mosaic style into the bottom third of the dish.  She did the by dipping her paint brush into the watered down glue, then into the squares, then she painted them onto the tray that already had a layer of glue where she wanted the base to go.  Like modge podge, extra glue was painted on top of the tissue paper.IMG_0770

Next Hannah tore 3 colours of blue tissue paper into strips.  Glue was painted into the remainder of the tray and working from dark up to light while crisscrossing and twisting strips, she created the water.  I helped a little but was pleasantly surprised at how well Hannah did this task herself!IMG_0771

Next she added seaweed created using 2 colours of green tissue paper.IMG_0772

Green seaweed was also added to the front of the container which would create a 3D effect.IMG_0773

The fish was made out of a plastic water bottle.  The top and bottom were cut off to create a tube.  The tube was pushed down to create a flatter shape and a 'V’ was cut at one end to create the tail shape.IMG_0827

The other end was folded and secured with tape to create the head.IMG_0829

Hannah then covered this with red tissue paper although you could also use any combinations of orange/yellow/other that you want.IMG_0775

The following day when all was dry she added a googly eye and a piece of dental floss to suspend the fish in the aquarium.

Ta da!  Hannah and her aquarium featuring her fish – Goldie!IMG_0778

Hannah is into fish right now after she received her first pet for her birthday this year! (Thanks Makenna!)  Her first fish was a beautiful red Beta fish that she named ‘Goldie’ :o) and lived ummm…8 days!  Whoops!  I think it was getting too cold at night as we turn down our heat and have a ceiling fan on.

Hannah handled the loss of Goldie really well and was excited the next day when we went to a local Fish Store to purchase a new fish.  This time she chose a beautiful blue Beta fish whom she named….Goldie!  LOL!  I’m sensing a trend!  We now cover the top of her container to hopefully keep the water warmer.

Well, Goldie II has been with us for almost 2 months and happily swims around her little container and has been a nice addition to the family.  Anybody who knows me knows that I am not a pet person so I’m guessing fish and possibly small animals like hamsters will be the extent of pets in our home.  (Uh oh – wonder if I’ll be eating those words some day?) 

Hannah and her beloved Goldie!IMG_0833


  1. This is a great project and she did a great job.

  2. Love the craft, very nice and I like that it used something we normally throw away. She did great!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  3. Cute idea! Thanks, Catherine and Hannah.

  4. What a cute craft idea, and Hannah did a great job!

  5. Hi Catherine and Hannah,

    I think Hannah did a fantabulous job on her aquarium!!!! Although I have been following your blog for quite awhile through the "Do They Have Salsa in China" blog I do not blog myself!! Would not know where to begin!! I am expecting twin girls in July and have a soon to be twenty yr. old son in his second year of college!!! I admire all the stories and things that you guys do!!! You are such a fun Mama with a very talented little girl!!!

    Take care,
    Holly N. Madugula
    Arlington, TX

  6. Wow! What an awesome idea! Way to go, Hannah! Great job!

  7. I love the craft idea! However, please consider to buy Goldie a bigger aquarium. She probably does not get enough oxygen in such a little one.

    1. Thank you for your input but Goldie is in a beta aquarium. It was recommended but the specialty fish store so we went with their recommendation. She's happy in her little tank and it fits our limited space perfectly!

  8. What a stinkin cute craft!
    Growing up my sisters (two younger) and I had pet fish and small turtles. I believe I was 21 when we got our first pet puppy, even though my middle sister begged every year for Christmas for one ;)

  9. She did a wonderful job. I was actually flipping the channels when I came across the project. I think my youngest would love to try this


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