Monday, September 26, 2011

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

This year’s early Mid Autumn Moon Festival snuck up on us and I was surprised when Ange emailed our regular little festival group and invited us to their place for supper. Hannah and I were quick to say yes and thankfully so was J’s family.  Yay!

There were even lantern crafts for the kiddos!  Thanks Ange and J!

Hannah took her projects quite seriously as you can tell from this pic.  Squeezing the paint took great concentration and strength.IMG_5366


4 cute kiddos hard at work.  3 moms trying to ensure the lanterns didn’t roll off the floor turning the hardwood into a gluey, glittery ‘masterpiece.’IMG_5362

Supper from our favourite local Asian take-out restaurant.IMG_1341

After supper we prepared to take the kiddos out for a walk with their lanterns that they were oh so proud of….and rightfully so!  At one point something needed to be done so I offered to ‘hold the baby.’  Heh…this is what quickly happened.  Can you tell I’m in my glory?  Ange and J both had babies recently so there were 2 little loves at the party.IMG_5370

Even though Hannah was 8 months when we became a family, she was still very much a baby.  Oh how fun it was to enjoy a few baby cuddles and snuggles that night!

We put jackets on and headed out for a fun walk with our lanterns while looking at the beautiful autumn moon!  Hannah displaying her lantern.IMG_5371

Owen with his lanternIMG_1375

Thanks Ange and Gavin for hosing the Mid Autumn Moon Festival party.  We had a great time!!IMG_1363


  1. How much fun is that?!? So sweet of Ange to prepare all of that for the kids. :)
    You holding those two babies brings back TONS of sweet memories. Oh, to cuddle two tiny loves again.

  2. What a great time with a fun group! We had a mini celebration with friends and will be going to the Botanical Gardens soon to see the lanterns there. I snuck up on us too!

    Keep smilin!

  3. What a great idea to decorate lanterns. Where did you get them?

    We went to a Chinese restaurant in our neighbourhood to celebrate and were disappointed that the only thing they did was hang a banner--nothing special. I made a note to myself for next year to plan a little gathering at our house. What day did you celebrate?

    You look soooooo happy holding those 2 little bundles of joy. We missed that stage with Charlotte, as she was 16 months old when she became part of our family. My big girl (almost 2 and a half) likes to pretend she's a baby.

    Hope we're able to get together some day soon for a play date.

    Take care,

  4. It was fun! I'm so glad we have friends that are up for last minute parties :)

  5. Just checking in to say, hello! looks like a lovely time! And, I could only smile when I saw the picture of the kids at the table with all the sippy cups!



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