Friday, September 16, 2011

Kids Say the Funniest Things!

We spotted this adorable little elephant during our recent ride on Kilimanjaro Safaris. He/she was so sweet and Hannah immediatedly called out, 'Take picture Mommy! Take picture!!' so I happily captured this memory for her.

Fast forward to yesterday morning when we were laying in bed enjoying a snuggle before our day began. Hannah is happy, happy when she wakes up in the morning and we chatter away about what the day holds and some of what we will be doing. (That being said, I'm finding she is still a little 'off' right now after 4 weeks of daycare changes, vacation and general upheaval to her little schedule. Each morning one of her very first questions is, 'Mommy, Where I going?' I reassure her that she's at Ange's every day now yet she still wants that reassurance. She had a blast a Bonnie's too and loved going there but we're back into our regular routine now and slowly settling back in. A big smile always crosses her face when she hears she's going to Ange's and she immediately talks about Owey and Noey.)

Yesterday morning as we were snuggling she looked at me and said she could make an elephant sound. I encouraged her and when she did it I excitedly said, 'Sweetie, that's a great elephant! Mommy's going to try!'

Feeling confident in my efforts I made my very best elephant sound, complete with arm movements for the trunk I might add and what was I met with? A giggling little girl who informed me through her laughter, 'Oh Mommy! Dat not good elephant!'

Heh kids....they'll keep you humble...and laughing!!


  1. Thanks for the smile! I can just picture the senario!!

  2. Not sure if you know or not but Isaac's(Adopting Isaac) mama has passed away.

  3. Thank you Anonymous. I appreciate your care.

    Sadly I was aware. I work with Isaac's dad James and have been praying for his mom Dawn over the past few weeks as she fought this terrible battle against brain cancer.

    I have just returned from visitation at the funeral home. Such a difficult time with so many unansweraboe questions.

    Praying for their entire family. I have a post prepared that will come up tomorrow morning asking people to pray for this beautiful family who are saying good-bye all too soon.



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