Friday, September 09, 2011

Disney Trip 2011 Day 2: Disney’s Hollywood Studios

(Sunday, August 28, 2011I was awake at 6am, excited about our first day in the parks!  Hannah stirred around 7 and I took full advantage of it by talking with her and asking her if she was ready to go to ‘Mickey Mouse’s House?’  That was all it took and she was awake and ready to go!  She hopped off the bed and ran over to visit with Nana and Bec Bec.

We headed to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and were ready for a day of fun!   As a surprise I had made us matching t-shirts  so we decided to wear them day 1!  Rebecca would have preferred more colour but she humoured Nana and I by wearing it on 2 different days.  Thanks Bec!    IMG_1584

Hannah quickly took on the job of finding our route on the map and you can see that she took her job quite seriously.  ;o)  Each morning she asked for a map and after examining it for a bit would point in the direction we were to go.  it was quite cute!IMG_1585

After securing Fastpasses for  Toy Story Midway Mania we went into Disney’s Art of Animation (DAoA).  IMG_1596 We didn’t know what was there so you can imagine our excitement when it was Mickey himself who was waiting for us!!  (Video in prior post)IMG_1591

Personally, I think meeting Mickey first thing is the very best way to start a Disney trip!  Hannah was super excited as she believes that every airplane she sees is on it’s way to ‘Mickey’s House’ and here she was standing right next to him! 

There were other characters inside and outside DAoA and we took time to visit with them too.

MinnieIMG_1603 - Copy 

PoohIMG_1601 - Copy

Leo and AnnieIMG_1609

Handy MannyIMG_1612

and for her friend Ben, MATER!  Ben, Hannah gave Mater a big hug for you and he said to say, ‘Hi’ to you!IMG_1618


Throughout the day it was cute to see Hannah hop on Nana’s scooter  occasionally for a little change from walking or sitting in her stroller.  IMG_1614

The weather the entire week was gorgeous with lots of sun each day and a brief downpours most afternoons.  Along with the sun it was hot, hot, hot!  I tell you, Florida in August is not for the faint of heart!  We knew it was going to be hot and dressed accordingly and drank lots of water and had a wonderful time!  I’m not sure what the temps were each day I just know it was 90 – 93o +70 or 80% humidity.  Thankfully we have a lot of humidity in Ontario so we handled it well and we were also thankful for how well Disney air conditioned their buildings so that we could get frequent breaks from the heat. 

Hannah found another way to beat the heat while we were walking down the Streets of America.  This little hydrant was spraying water and although she started by just hanging on the back of it, by the end of her playtime she was pretty wet…and cool!  It didn’t care that she was wet as she dried quickly in the sun.IMG_1619

Throughout the course of the day we visited many attractions and shows that Disney’s Hollywood Studios has to offer:

Hannah absolutely adores the Disney Junior TV station and the shows that are on it.  I like it because I know whatever shows are on it are safe for her to watch so if it’s on and I have to leave to room to change a load of laundry or do something else, she’s ok watching whatever is on.    There is a new show at Hollywood Studios that features the characters from the Disney Junior shows and it was great!  It’s geared for little ones and has lots of audience participation and Hannah got right into it!  Here’s a little snippet of the fun my little sweetie had watching her favourite characters in action.

Our first day was a wonderful success and we saw all that we wanted to at the Studios which left us with a free day later in the week.  

It didn’t take long for Hannah to crash for the night (like most nights) so this was a pretty common occurrence.   Hannah sleeping in Bec Bec’s arms while Mommy loaded the stroller and bags onto the bus.  When this happened she was done for the night and would stay asleep during the drive back to the resort, walk home, diaper change and pj change.  Yes, she’s an awesome sleeper!  Thanks for all your help with Hannah Bec!!  IMG_1626

Tomorrow…Epcot, Day 1.


  1. Such concentration reading the map Hannah!!

    Looks like so much FUN was had by all!!

  2. WOOOOW! sooo fun! I cant believe how tall she is getting! what a bog girl! My family and I used to go to Disney land every year as a child. Some of my fondest memories are of those trips! Cant wait to see more!!!


  3. Wow. There are a lot of great new things at DHS that Jammer would absolutely love, especially his favorite guys from CARS. Your posts make me want to book our next trip there sooner than what we are currently planning.

  4. Oh, my! Your post just brought a smile to my face! Such fun! Such memories!

  5. Oh my, you guys look like you are having HEAPS of fun! Did Hannah grow while on the plane? These pictures sure show how tall she is getting :-)

    Can't wait to take Talia to Disney!

  6. What fun! And Bec is such a great cousin. I can not believe how big she is, what a special girl she is and how beautiful she is.

    Keep smilin!


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