Monday, September 12, 2011

Disney Trip 2011: It Was Great In Theory!

When I was preparing for this trip I had a lot of fun researching tips and tricks for Disney with a toddler and also Disney in August.  I learned a lot from other people, especially those at

One idea someone recommended was taking drinking cup lids to put the stick of a Mickey ice cream bar through to catch the drips.  What a great idea I thought!!  I gathered some together before leaving home and carried them with us to the park each day, excited to give this little tip a try! 

It wasn’t until the very last afternoon that we were there that Hannah had  an opportunity to have a Mickey bar and I pulled out my lids with confidence!

Heh! What was I thinking??!!!  With temps pushing 100o even though it was early evening, the lid helped for about the first umm….minute. After that it was all about containing the mess to a 3’ radius around her stroller!

Mommy was so confident that I didn’t even pull her bib out of the diaper bag.IMG_2178

First bits of chocolate moustache when Mickey’s ears kissed her cheeks. IMG_2181

Still doing just fine IMG_2185

LOL!  This pic was taken a short 2 minutes later and the great ice cream meltaway was already in full swing!  Hannah doesn’t look too impressed in this pic!IMG_2186

Hannah attempting some damage control of her ownIMG_2187

The stroller quickly became an ooey, gooey mess too.IMG_2191

So in the end yes, the lid did help contain some of the mess.  Who would have thought after this that her dress would remain clean but it did so I would call the lid tip a great suggestion and one I will use again and share with others. 

As M3 taught her girls early on and I now share with Hannah, ‘When we eat ice cream outside some will just end up on the ground!’  Hannah learned this lesson on this hot summer day at Disney.  And what didn’t end up on the ground?  It was a finger licking treat!IMG_2188

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