Thursday, February 18, 2010

Teething Troubles :o( **Updated Monday Afternoon**

Hannah handled popping 3 teeth in 4 days like a champ but today it's all caught up with her. She had a slight fever this morning that Tylenol took care of but by the time she woke up from her afternoon nap it was 102.2 and has stayed above 100.1 since then. We're taking meds as have been directed and thankfully we already had a doctor's appt. booked for tomorrow morning so will check to make sure it's nothing other than a teething fever. It sure is awful when your little one isn't feeling well! Mom was with her tonight when I was teaching and this was the sight I met when I came upstairs. Poor little lamb.

Friday morning update
Hannah had a great sleep last night and other than the 2 times I woke her to take her temp and give her meds, she slept for 12 hours. She still had a fever this morning of 100.2 but the doctor checked her out and her ears, throat and glands are ok. It could be the beginning of a cold so I'll keep a close eye on her. Working on keeping her fluids up which is most important when a little isn't feeling well. Thank you for all your kind words and prayers.

Monday morning update
Sorry for the lack of blogging. Still snuggling and cuddling with a sick little baby. Poor lamb! I'm just waiting for her to wake up to see if she still has a fever and then if so will head to the doctor for him to re-check her ears. She's been fighting a fever all weekend. Yesterday morning it seemed to break but by evening it was back again. It's probably just a nasty cold as her nose and a little cough seem to indicate but I hate the thought of her being in pain if her little ears are inflamed. Saturday we spent the majority of the day snuggling on the couch and holding her as she slept but yesterday she was much more herself. I believe she's getting better and really has done very well with it but the fever has thrown me. It's the first time she's had one for such an extended period of time and I want to do all I can to help her through this yuckiness.

Monday afternoon update
When Hannah woke up it was evident that she still wasn't feeling well. Rather than crawling down to her toys and books which she normally does, she crawled to Mommy and when I picked her up she promptly fell asleep on my chest even though she'd been asleep for over 11 hours already. Her fever was back so I called the doctor and his receptionist said to bring her right in. In spite of her cough her chest is clear but one ear is a little inflamed and her fever was still around 102 so he's put her on antibiotics. I always thought I'd be a mom that avoided antibiotics unless absolutely needed but seeing your little love in pain and lethargic just makes you to help them! By the time we got to the doctors office her little sneezes were not only producing a runny nose but there was blood in it too so it was another indication that things were not right. We've had a humidifier running in our room each night which I'm extra thankful for now.

Once we got home from the doctors and having her prescription filled, I gave her her meds and a bottle and she promptly fell asleep in my arms for over 2 hours. The good news is that when she woke up she wanted to get down and play which is what she's doing now. SO thankful for these little moments when she's more like her happy, cheerful self and also thankful that she's still drinking most of her bottles as fluids are so important. I know this is just a minor illness but it sure is tough to be Mom when your little one is sick and all you want to do is make things better. I'm sure my sweetie is on the mend now that we have the meds to help her out. Her 1st Birthday is this Saturday so I want her to be healthy for her big celebration!


  1. Poor Hannah. I hope she is back to 'bouncing' soon.

  2. Poor little monster. Although she still looks pretty darn cute snuggling your mom. Hope she's feeling better soon.

  3. If it wasn't for Little Miss Hannah not feeling well, I'd say that's a pretty darn cute picture of her with Grandma!


  4. Ohhhhh, both my girls were terrible teethers and it just about broke my heart watching them in pain!

    I used the gel on the teeth called Orajel, but there is now a homeopathic one from Hyland's I think. I used to freeze wash cloths and let them suck on them. Youch!

    Soon it will be a distant memory!!

    Poor Hannah. Poor Mama.

    dd Sunshine 8 3/4 Viet Nam
    dd Brilliance 3 3/4 China

  5. Poor baby, hope she is feeling better real soon.

  6. It's no fun whatsoever. Poor little puppet. I hope she wakes up in good spirits today. We have music to make!!

  7. I hope your night went ok Teething is no fun for most kids. Sorry little Hannah is hurting.

    What do you teach at night?

  8. Poor little lamb is right! That picture is priceless though!

  9. Poor little girl! There is nothing worse then your sick baby! Hope she is feeling better soon!

  10. You can tell in her eyes that she is not feeling up to snuff. I hope she feels better soon.

  11. Prayers for you two. Hope Hannah is better.

  12. Poor little thing. Look at those rosy cheeks. I hope this passes quickly so Hannah can get back to being Hannah.

  13. Poor bunny! Hope she is better soon.

    Fluid intake is all consuming here too.

    Keep smilin!

  14. Hi Sharron. I teach piano in my home a couple of evenings each week.

  15. Oooo, my mouth hurts just thinking about 3 teeth breaking through the gums at once. Eeesh. Sending feel-better wishes to Miss H.

  16. Catherine,

    She is darling, teething or not! What a beautiful little girl!! And yes, it is so hard when our little ones do not feel are not alone and praise God you have your wonderful mom (that picture is just the best!)and all of us who have been there a time or two to reassure you, sweet Mama!

    Hoping your precious girl is feeling well again quickly!


  17. Oh, poor Hannah! Hope she's feeling better soon!

  18. Awwww, poor Hannah (and Mommy). I hope she is feeling better quickly.

    Dennis and Lisa Hertzler
    Bradenton, FL
    LID: 04/18/06

  19. Poor baby girl. Hope she's doing better now!

  20. So glad you updated. Sounds like Hannah's pediatrician is on top of the situation. I sure hope Hannah feels much better really soon.

  21. Hey Catherine,

    So sorry to hear that Hannah is still not feeling well. I hope that the meds clear whatever it is up right away. We're thinking about your little angel.

    Jules and Molly

  22. Awwwwww poor baby!!! God love her.


  23. Fevers are no fun. I always feel so helpless. We find ibuprofen works better for breaking fevers here. Might be something you want to look into but I know each child is unique so once you find what works, stick with it. Also, if Hannah has had Tylenol and the fever is starting to come back, you can give her ibuprofen before you are due to give the next dose of Tylenol. They are not the same medicine so you are not over dosing. We have been saved by doing this a couple of times. My baby hit 104.4ºF. I can't think of being more frightened or helpless.

    Take care of yourself too! I know it takes a lot out of Mommy taking care of baby.

  24. Oh, poor little peanut, you can see that she isn't feeling well in the photo!
    I hope she is feeling better soon!
    Krista D


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