Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Cheering for Team Canada!

When I finish teaching piano on Wednesday nights Mom and I have gotten into the fun habit of going out for dinner with little Miss XiaoFen. Tonight we went to Boston Pizza and the place was hopping as Team Canada was playing Russia for a place in the Olympic semi-final game. It was fun to be there as Canada quickly took the lead. Hannah was in on all the fun and ready to cheer on Team Canada. Here she is watching the TV that was above our heads

and here she is when Canada scored one of their many goals! That`s my party baby! Go Canada Go!!!


  1. I've said it before...she's brilliant! Love your girl with all my heart!

  2. Catherine Canada is doing an awesome job of hosting the Olympics!!!!!! Hooray for Canada!!

    Love , Kristy

  3. Precious baby girl, and, yes, she is extraordinarily smart.

    A three-generational weekly dinner date does sound like such fun.

    The Canadian gold medal ice dancing team was exquisite!

  4. You Canadians rock at putting on the Olympics, that's for sure. Of course I can't root for your teams, but I will give credit where awesome credit is due! ; )

  5. Oh Catherine, the littles (Ilana 6 & Sadie) and myself are overjoyed that baby Hannah is feeling better, They know first hand what she's been through as they just recovered from a nasty cough and cold also.
    Praise God you are both alright!
    We love you and Hannah!
    Can't wait for more posts now and love hearing your sweet voice in the videos.

    Prayers and blessing coming your way from: Miss Lila, Ilana (6) and Sadie (4)

  6. That is so awesome breaking her into hockey:) Go Canada and go Sidney Crosby!!!!! And I am an American:)


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