Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Hannah XiaoFen

Some have asked about my daughter`s beautiful names as you`ve noticed I often call her XiaoFen in the videos.

Hannah is her first name and I kept her Chinese name XiaoFen as one of her middle names. While in China I began to call her XiaoFen and now I love the name and continue to use it about 80% of the time. A few friends and some of the family also use it intermittently with Hannah.

Most people call her Hannah and I do too and she responds well to both names.

I also use a variety of pet names that have just become part of her: baby girl; lovey and numerous others.

Other people have also created cute little pet names that are unique for them to use and she knows them too. Both her Grandpa`s have little pet names for her and she responds to each of them when they call her by these names. It`s wonderful to see her interact with each of them and her Grandmas too!!

My precious daughter is first and foremost Hannah but she is a gal of many names and responds to them all. As you can tell from pictures of her, Hannah is a very, very expressive little baby so loves to be called and turn to that person with an adorable smile that lights up her entire face!! And oh yes, she is extremely fond of watching videos of herself too!


  1. Catherine,
    I would call her "Precious" because she is without a doubt the most precious little girl I've ever seen!
    My grandchildren and I wait everyday with bated breath hoping there will be pictures of Miss Hannah! My 4 yr.old, Sadie and
    6 yr.old, Ilana, granddaughters are especially fond of her and have followed your story of Hannah from the beginning. They can both read well and look so forward to hearing from you. Their Mom, my daughter, is pregnant and they tell her they want "their" baby to look just like Hannah!!! So cute! So keep those posts comin'
    Miss Lila & grandkids

  2. That smile is contagious!! Love the pictures and updates!! She is growing and changing so fast!


  3. We call her XiaoFen a lot, but also Hannah. We have lots of of pet names for the babies...you've inspired me to do a post about it!


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