Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Teething, Teething, Teething!

Why did I write that word 3 times? Because Hannah has cut 3 new teeth in the past 4 days!! Her upper right one popped through Saturday; upper left on Monday and today her lower left one was through! She's been a teething champ I must tell you and other than some finger chewing and crying last night which led to some Tylenol, I didn't known she was even cutting any. She's a champ! It does make me wonder though if they've possibly been waking her up in the middle of the night. Normally she sleeps through but 2 different nights she's been wide awake and ready to play at 4am. I thought she was just on a funny schedule but maybe it was her teeth waking her up? Oh well, we cuddled for a while and then she played for a bit then would fall asleep again until morning.

I don't have any good pics of her upper teeth but here she is showing you the lower ones. That first one which popped through on January 7th is finally up most of the way. It took amuch longer than I thought it would to get this far.

Here's my smiling little sweetie showing off today's new tooth!

This video is just a fun one taken at lunch today. This weekend we were introduced to new Li'l Ones yogurt which Hannah enjoys much more than the plain stuff. She also learned how to blow raspberries with food in her mouth (something I won't be encouraging) and she also surprised me when she picked up the cloth and wiped yogurt off her fingers! I am still wonderfully suprised daily at how much day to day stuff she picks up by watching me. That will keep mommy on her toes for sure. A couple of times her upper teeth can be seen too. So thankful I captured that video last week with her gummy smile as it won't be here for long.


  1. Holy moley (or molars...those will come too!)

    Keep smilin!

  2. Another beautiful post, she is so smart. God bless your little family, such delight in seeing Hannah doing so good. I am so happy for the both of you.

  3. She is super smart and, of course, super cute. Love that dimple! Amazing that she didn't fuss while cutting a few new teeth all at once. Ouch.


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