Saturday, September 05, 2009

Hannah's Current Home - A Gift from God!!

We are blessed beyond measure!! God is so good and I cannot thank Him or praise Him enough for my precious daughter!!

A friend emailed me recently and mentioned that I might want to read the post that I put up on March 1, 2009. Wow....just WOW!!! Little did I know at the time that Hannah was just 2 days old!! My sweet baby girl had been born and was living in the Social Welfare Institute (SWI) God had planned for her.

2 weeks ago yesterday I learned that Hannah's SWI is Daoxian (Dao County) SWI in Hunan province and it is a great home for her!! Every single person who has contacted me who has a child from this SWI says that their child was loved, healthy, well cared for, has transitioned well to home and the nannies truly loved them! I cannot tell you what this does for my heart! I'm overcome with thankfulness to God for taking such amazing care of Hannah before He brings us together. It takes my breath away!! It should not surprise me that God is taking such care of her but adopting a child from another country comes with no guarantees so I am blessed beyond measure and thankful that God chose Daoxian to be her first home.

Daoxian is a smaller orphanage with an average of 30-40 babies in it's care at any one time.

One gal came home just recently and she shared that in their group, 2 of the babies were from Daoxian. The drive from the SWI to Changsha where the families meet the babies is 5 1/2 hours. These 2 precious babies were escorted by 4 nannies and the orphanage director!! Wow! And, the tears of both the nannies and babies when they had to say good-bye was testimony to how they were loved.

For sleeping arrangements, rather than all the babies being in a large room, Daoxian babies live in more of a dorm style room. In smaller rooms there are 4 cribs and a nanny's cot. I believe there are just 4 little ones who are bonding daily with a daytime nanny and a nighttime nanny! I've seen pictures of the SWI and it is really nice! (Sorry, I've been told that they're not public photos so am unable to share them here.) The building was built just last summer so it is super fresh and clean. You can see this in her referral pictures too. Something that absolutely melted my heart and gave me such peace was to see little mattresses in each of the cribs. It is common in Chinese SWIs for babies to sleep directly on wooden boards so when I saw little mattresses my heart soared!

One of the other families in our group also received a referral of a Dao baby and in her picture you can see toys in the background. Yay! Mary and I are hoping and praying that our baby girls are in a room together so that they will make the long journey from the orphanage to Changsha with a friend and possibly they will recognize one another as we're together in China. So thankful that we live close to one another and hopefully the girls will have an opportunity to keep in touch as they grow up.

I don't know at this time if I will have an opportunity to visit Hannah's SWI but I will do everything in my power to get there. It may be a long drive but having learned how helpful it can be for the babies to transition I would like to visit. If would also be a wonderful opportunity to meet the precious women who are loving my baby before I meet her and to express my thankfulness to them and also see where my daughter will have spent the first 8 months of her life. This will be so important to her in the future if I'm able to visit. I've expressed my interest to my agency director and am waiting to hear back from her. I'll let you know what she says later.

(If there are any Daoxian families reading this who have pictures I could see (and maybe some I'd be allowed to share here) I'd really like to hear from you!! Have any of you had an opportunity to visit Daoxian SWI?)

Thanking God for placing Hannah in Daoxian SWI and for those who are caring for Hannah and loving her now.


  1. That is truly a blessing!!! Our Lizzie was one that slept on a wooden board in her CWI. I don't think I would have believed it if I had not seen it!! I think her nannies cared but were overwhelmed. There were 18 babies to one nanny!! Hannah sounds like she is in a loving place and will easily transition right into your loving arms!!!

  2. I can imagine how relieved you must be during this time of waiting to pick her up to know that she's so well taken care of and has been from the beginning.

  3. This sounds like a great situation for them.

  4. I'm so happy to hear about where Hannah is right now. And I re-read the post you wrote from earlier this year. Amazing. Everything is truly meant to be.

  5. Hi Catherine,

    I send you a message via M3 regarding Dao SWI. My daughter ia also a Dao baby. I have lots of pictures, viseo and an address and more that I can share with you.

  6. The SWI sounds really nice. I am so happy to read that Hannah is being so well taken care of until she gets home to her mama! :o)


  7. HURRAY!!!!!!!!! I'm an adoptive mommy to and there is nothing like a referral! Luckily, China does not have the excruciating 6 month wait that we had to bring our son home after the referral was made. :(

  8. Hi C!

    Just a heads up that often babies sleep on "boards" do so because it's much cooler than mattresses ... add in the humidity in many places in China and you might see why mattresses are not always preferable (thinking cleanliness) ... I know myself on very humid days I'd prefer a bamboo woven mat ... it breathes much better.
    Happy Packing!

  9. Hi Catherine!

    I also meant to say thanks for sharing the red thread map.

    I also got some info and Lilah's newspaper ad from Brian Stu, who is excellent! ...but I forgot all about the Red Thread Maps. I will be buying one for Lilah now. :)


  10. It is amazing to me how God is in the business of knowing us intimately and also of details!

    This is so wonderful to read - what a relief to know these things about your baby girl...

    Praying she'll be in your arms very soon, my friend! Pray for us too!

  11. Sounds like a great SWI.
    It must be such a relief to know she is being well cared for.

  12. Hi,
    I emailed you privately but I'm not sure if you received it or not. Our family as a daughter from Yongzhou orphanage which is close to Dao. We raise money to buy supplies for her orphanage as well as Jiangyong and Dao orphanages. We have a blog called Two Homes One Heart and there is a post about what we bought for Dao orphanage as well as some pictures of the children and items purchased. Here is the link:

    Take care and congratulations!

  13. I know your feelings of gratefulness when you learn your daughter has been so well cared for in a place like this... I share them with you :O)

    I hope you get to visit one day, if not this trip (because of the swine flu restrictions) then when the 2 of you return one day to celebrate her heritage and her beginnings.

    But my fingers are crossed you get to see this place while you are there.

    So happy for you.

  14. That is wonderful news! I hope that it can be arranged and you get to visit where your daughter lives.

    Keep smilin!


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