Friday, September 04, 2009

Sharing More About My Beautiful Baby Girl!!

Last week when I received the official paperwork accompanying Hannah's referral I was blessed beyond measure! My tiny baby girl is doing so well!! God is taking such amazing care of her and she is so healthy!!

Here is what I have learned about Hannah Catherine XiaoFen (XiaoFen means 'Fragrance of the Dawn'):

- XiaoFen has been in Daoxian Social Welfare Institute (SWI) since she was 1 day old. (More about Daoxian SWI in a post tomorrow)

- she was 6.6 lbs at birth and 19 inches long

- her medical was on June 24th, just 3 days before she turned 4 months old

- at her medical she weighed 12.5 lbs and was 23.5 inches long. These are the most current stats I have although hope to possibly receive more when I send Hannah a care package using Ann's services at Red Thread China. I've started buying 6 and 9 month old clothing to take to China with me at then end of October and also purchased a package of Pampers size 2 diapers

- she has no teeth yet

- this part made me laugh: When the doctor tried to check her hearing, sight and smell she, 'would not cooperate' Heh...that's my girl! Not cooperating at less than 4 months old!

- all of her other medical information was great and my doctor said he has no concerns at all. Thank you Lord!

More information about my baby girl at 4 months of age

- she is a deep sleeper. Yay!!!

- she can hold her head up when laying on her tummy

- grasps a toy near her head

- picks up small things with her fingers

- tears paper

- locates the direction of sound/voice

- visually follows moving toys

- looks for dropped toy (I thought this was great for her age!)

- reaches and grasps a toy beyond

- transfer a block from one hand to the other

- follow you with moving head from one side to the other

- laughs aloud! :o)

- distinguishes between acquaintance and strangers

- sounds directed at someone or something

- she is active and restless

- fond of listening to music (that's a good one for a piano teacher's daughter)

- having a ready smile

- quick in reaction

- closest to caretaker

- favourite activity: rocking the rocker bed

- favourite toy: drum...uh oh!!

Notes from favourite part!

- XiaoFen is said to be optimistic and a cute girl

- she loves to laugh when being teased and her face looks cute

- Little XiaoFen is physically healthy

- when held by an adult she can sometimes sit or stand for a few minutes

- she loves to be held and walk around by the nanny.

- when standing next to her Little Fen (isn't that cute!) will cry so that you will hold her (These last 3 are so precious to me as it shows that she is being held and loved by her nannies)

- if something drops, she will look down and search for it immediately

- Little Fen loves to lie on the rocking chair and let an adult gently rock her to sleep. Awwwwwe!

- she also likes to ride the walker and play with other children

- she likes to chat when talking to her (that's my girl!!)

- when everybody teases her, she will laugh

- she likes to eat rice, chicken paste, fish soup, egg, vegetable past, etc. They also feed her fruit juice and cake! Wheee...add some ice cream and we're all set!

The final sentence on the Nannie's report gave me goosebumps. 'We like her very much and hope she can obtain a new family as soon as possible and live a happy life.'

Hannah, Mommy is coming and we will live a happy life together! Dreams really do come true!!!


  1. you'll definitely need size 1 diapers! and probably 3-6 month clothes especially if it's carters. congrats!

  2. Catherine,

    such an exciting time!

    Save the 6-9 months have a peanut on your hands. Buy 3-6 months. If you buy two piece outfits or little cotton dresses (like the carters brand or target) that will give you some room on sizing. she will probably be in to 6-9 by summer.

    Have fun shopping!

  3. You getting on that plane to bring that little cutie can't happen fast enough.

    I agree on changing your plans on the clothing. My son was almost 5 months old when we adopted him and he was 14 lbs. Most of the 3-6 month clothes were still a bit big on him.

  4. YEA... I can't wait to see her in your arms..
    Sounds like she is doing sooo well..

  5. Ditto about the clothes,our boys are over 20 pounds at 13 months and still fit best into 6-9 month clothes (except sleepers).]

    Wow she sounds really advanced and even more adorable than she looks!

  6. I say bring a range of clothing sizes. My little sweetie was quoted as being about 6.5 kg at referral and on adoption day was a robust 9 kg baby and about 8 cm longer!. I hardly recognized her. She just went through a huge growth spurt. Size 6-12 months is probably the safest size..but bring a few clothes in the smaller size just in case. Also ask your agency to get an updated weight, height and length of foot (that way you will know what size of shoes to buy)for Hannah as well. You can get that for free.
    Congrats again.
    CTG from RQ

  7. God has indeed BLESSED both of YOU! Love how your keeping us informed, Thanks Blessings from me and family

  8. I am so thrilled for you!!! Come on October!!

  9. and you travel to china WHEN??? i seem to miss all the important stuff first time round

  10. Wow, what awesome information to have! It does seem like she is being loved, which is just so great. I still can't believe how tiny and young she is! I'm sure you know this already but I also agree with bringing a range of sizes. 3-6 months sounds like it would fit her but if she goes through a growth spurt then 6-9 might too!

  11. What a delightful report of your girl! So jealous that she likes rocking- Ellie hates it still. Reading the other posts it sounds like you may have to do more shopping- darn!! Enjoy! =)

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  13. I've got some happy tears going on here! What a little pumpkin! Oh I can not wait for the day she is in your arms!

  14. Our beauty was 14lbs.3oz. on Gotcha day at 14months old,she wore 6-9month clothing,however she could wear 3month(from Gap) shorts all last summer(still no hips or bum)!!!by the way we took size 3 diapers and she swam in them(yes at 14 months)we had to buy size 2's in China (the pampers were fine).

    She sounds like a true little angel!!

  15. Wow... so much info! That is amazing. I am so glad that you know that she is being loved.

  16. Ohhhhhhhhh, I hope you get more pictures from Ann!

    I just love the meaning of her name. My little one is Xiaotong and it means morning sunrise. Like yourself I kept it in her name. It's beautiful and it's hers to keep after all! :)

    Jill xx

  17. Optimistic...check! Loves to laugh...check! She is your girl for sure!

    Keep smilin!


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